Chapter 3

What Would You Do?

1.      Yes, I would definitely be one to accept that job to protect our country from cyber terrorism.Safety of our motherland comes first over the salary offered.Federal intelligence agency operate on a secret note that the public is unaware. They work for betterment of society. They have secret agents to get information about the activities going around.They need someone who has complete knowledge about computers which deals with malware in software.Agents do not have much knowledge about this. Hence they hire people for this. A topper will definitely know better than others.The obvious question that might rise is, is it safe and legal to accept this job and work on it.

2.      When a leading company has been blackmailed by an anonymous person for a large amount of money, it should immediately be informed to the police before taking the next step.For a moment, it feels like the demanded amount costs nothing to the company and it can be given to the anonymous blackmailer.But this does not solve the problem or guarantee it that this action would not repeat in the future. It is always better to stay calm and solve the problem rather that temporary relief by giving the demanded amount of money.Delay may cause huge amount of loss to the business but in the future it can stop such actions from happening again.



a.      I think it would be very cool to know how to do everything Anonymous can do.If I was offered an opportunity to join Anonymous, I donít know what I would do.I know it would be considered a crime and doing something illegal even though few things have been changed due to the actions of anonymous. Not all their intensions are right.If identification of anonymous is revealed he can be subjected to legal action.

b.      The anonymous actions in support or wikileaks were illegal but ethical. All bank transactions were stopped as the government directed to stop all funds that were helping to continue its action. Ethically speaking, what they did was right but legally speaking they are not according to law.

c.      Anonymous is a serious threat to organization and government websites.They may blackmail the government by having the confidential documents and data to be published on their website.


a.      Computer forensics played a vital role in two high profile cases.When Zazi dropped the idea of bombing New York Cityand returned to Denver.The plan and arrangement made by him is also equally dangerous.He would definitely make another plan with Al Qaeda and come back someday to execute it.The FBI was intelligent enough to crack it and trace him down.This is a purely civil case. The FBI made the right judgement on both the cases and reports were submitted to the court.

b.      Prevention is better than cure. It is always better to prevent crime than investigating post crime.FBI agents have been trained for this. After the crime has been committed, nothing can be changed.It is necessary to avoid such actions because it affects all of society and environment. Special investigation can also be done by the FBI on why this crime was planned.

c.      To get into computer forensics, many universities offer courses and certification in computer forensics.These universities are even flexible by providing online programs. Interested people who are not able to attend their favorite university can study their programs from distant places. Studying can be done on the internet too. Some cases after investigation may be available as documentaries on YouTube. Such documentaries can be viewed to get an idea about how the FBI works.