Chapter 5

What Would You Do?

2.I would congratulate my former high school classmate on the part-time job offer.I really donít see anything wrong with monitoring a website and posting comments favoring the government.However, I would inform him/her to be careful about what exactly gets posted on this website.Anything posted on the web can be seen by anyone at any time.

7.If I were to receive a strongly worded email that threatens me personally, I would try to handle it myself by trying to figure out who sent it, and where it came from.Try to ask around about a policy about such emails and try to fix the problem at hand.I do not know if my school or work has a policy that covers such issues.


1.      First amendment protects WikiLeaks from prosecution.Wiki Leak is a non-profit international organization.The objective of this organization is to publish private and new information to the public and categorize the information from anonymous origin.The U.S government tried to prosecute WikiLeaks to stop leaking news in the future.However, the first amendment law of United States is given the right to freedom of expression on public affair and government activity.According to this amendment every person can freely speak to the press in public.The congress research service produces a report and so far no prosecution has happened for publication of material as a result of first amendment.†† WikiLeaks exposed several western companies who exchanged the communication with Syrian government which is responsible for violating human rights on various occasions.The government killed many innocent lives and it was WikiLeaks who exposed the nexus between the Syrian government and many western companies.This disclosure is absolutely justified and totally lawful under the purview of the first amendment because this information was not gained illegally by the WikiLeaks.It got these emails and materials with the help of some whistleblowers.Although WikiLeaks should be supported for empowering the general public with some information which would have never come out without this whistleblower website, there should be some control over the materials they post on their website.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so incomplete information should be avoided on this website because this could lead to confusion amongst normal public.

2.      Facebook is protected from liability for content posted by third parties as the views are not of Facebook or its employees.Someone may think that Facebook and other social networks should be protected from liability for what the members post.As a social network is a huge collection of people, it is very difficult to censor content or moderate content by the organizations.A studentís freedom of speech is very weakly restricted on social media sites such as Facebook.When a student posts on a public community or a forum on these sites.It is the moderatorís responsibility to censor the content if it is offensive or not.Otherwise there is an option to report abuse on such sites.If a large number of people have marked the post as offensive, such sites can judge the post based on its nature and remove it if found unsavory.Yes, Taylor Wynn and McKenzie Barker should have been prosecuted despite victimís attitude that the teasing would pass.Itís not the victimís attitude but the seriousness of the crime those two have committed.This could easily affect someoneís social life or might cause depression.Cyberbullying laws should be strictly carried out and people should be able to report incidents in a very easy manner.