Chapter 6

What Would You Do?

1.      As the new Competitive Intelligence Organizer, I would make sure each director, officer, and employee of the Company know that they owe a duty to the Company to act with integrity. Integrity requires, among other things, being honest and candid. Deceit and subordination of principle are inconsistent with integrity. I would make sure each director, officer, and employee abide by the following with respect to the Company:

a.      Act with integrity, including being honest and candid while still maintaining the confidentiality of information when required or consistent with the Companyís policies.

b.      Observe both the form and spirit of laws and governmental rules and regulations, accounting standards, and Company policies.

c.      Adhere to a high standard of business ethics

2.      As a human resource manager, I would perform a variety of tasks in fulfilling the companyís main responsibility, which would be leading the organizationís human resource programs and policies as they apply to employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety, performance and staffing levels. Other duties would be:

a.      Maintain the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.

b.      Maintain organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.

c.      Prepare employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.



1.      Alice Case Raises Concerns For The Future IT Software Patterns:

Unique idea:

An idea needs not only to be unique but also achievable considering environmental factors.The idea needs to contribute significantly or improve upon the field in which it is.This idea should not be obvious and a needs to be new.An example of such an idea would be the implementation scheme of a new fuel engine which increases the efficiency significantly.

Pre-roll advertisements:

Pre-roll advertisements, in my opinion should not be patentable.As the idea is very basic and does not significantly improve or contribute technically to the subject.This idea seems to have been made by someone who is a patent troll and is just looking to sue somebody who stumbles upon it.

Patent Trolls actions:

Patent Trolls are not justified in their actions.They only do it for getting money from settlements from lawsuits.Patents should be about innovation.This is misused by the Patent Trolls.

Rewarding Small Time Innovators:

Again, the focus in on innovation.If the idea is innovative enough, then they should seek legal action against patent violations.Although, if someone is doing it just for money by filing carefree lawsuits, then this is wrong.

Loose Violation:

In this case, the applications are loosely validated that is very vague, abstract or obvious ideas are granted patent.What would happen is the rise of Patent Trolls.So many people would abuse the system and file patents.This would increase carefree lawsuits and could demotivate people from bringing their ideas to light due to fear of being sued.

Strong Violation:

In this case, the applications that are strongly validated, have practical applications, and are significantly good are the only ones passed.This would significantly reduce Patent Trolls.Also, this would discourage people who invade on patents as the patent lawsuits would have a very strong case.

2.      Google Book Search Library Record:

Google should have consulted all the publishers and the authors related to the project and could have come to an agreement.They should have contacted resellers and online stores to discuss this matter.This could have promoted fair trade policy.Also, instead of opting out they should have implemented opting in on a policy for publishers and copyright owners.

As a user, someone may like the project of book search very much.Usually it is very difficult to find rare books.People from developing countries have a very hard time finding and buying books.This project would be a massive help to those people.It also gives some advantages which would be helpful to create environment friendly as it is all online.

Yes, the current status of the Rockstar Consortium has been successful and some may say it gives Google an unfair advantage over its competitors.As it holds such a database, people can easily access and use its service against buying books from other vendors.Some also think it should be a collaborative effort between Google and other vendors so that the fair trade policy is maintained.