Chapter 8

What Would You Do?

1.      To make the use of robotic physician assistant acceptable for patents, first off you would need to introduce a robotic physician.If someone is the administrative staff, then they could probably apply the given below stated decisions elaborately. They are:

a.      Develop the problem statement:

                                                    i.     To define the problem, the problem statement should be clear with ad hoc representation of the issues that is to be addressed.A problem statement is the one that answers the following questions:

1.      How many people are aware about AI and its manpower?

2.      Whether all the people (patients) belong to urban areas to understand enough about robots?

3.      What is the impact of diseases caused by people?

4.      Whether people accept to consult with a robotic physician even for a general checkup?

b.      Identify alternate decisions:

                                                    i.     To implement an alternative decision in a practical, remember about the old age, the illiterate, and the physically handicapped patients.They need the following guidance to consult with the Robot Physician:

1.      Must appoint trusted personnel for guiding the blind and deaf patients in giving the input parameters to the Robot.

2.      Personnel must be a well impressing person with patience to guide the disabled people in order to offer a better hospitality.

c.      Evaluation of the alternative:

                                                    i.     This is the decision making step to validate the guidelines, rules, and regulations that are required for a successful implemented Robot.

1.      Whether the resources such as man, cost, time, and effort could be sufficient to implement this scenario.

2.      The Robotic Physician would have to act as a brain storming doctor for all the patients.

3.      Need to use the common approaches in ethical decision making that suits to achieve more optimal decisions.

d.      Implement the decision made:

                                                    i.     Implementing the decision is the process of converting the existing decisions that is dealing directly to the human physician to the proposed newer Robotic physicians implementation decisions.

1.      This can be done by identifying the pros and cons of existing decisions and benefits of proposed decisions. Nothing is permanent, only change is permanent in this world. To resemble to these statements, all the stake holders in a business or patients in the hospitals are dynamic.

2.      Word of mouth is the only fact that a brainstorm or make a state of transition in the implementation can be done in efficient, effective, and timely manner.

e.      Evaluation of results:

                                                    i.     The following evaluation test can be conducted in the resultant Robot.The deployment of Robotic Physician in real time is met with any negative consequences.

1.      Patients are really satisfied by the Robot.

2.      Is any discrepancy among the course of actions, medications, diagnosis, and suggested specialist?

3.      Is the Robot consistent enough in knowing how to handle various diseases?

4.      Is it excellent in doing services to patients and easy to maintain?

2.      Considering the bone marrow disorder, based on the survey report, it only affects 2 people out of 1 million.For this situation, the following analysis and implementing stages can be developed to avoid the confusions and inconsistencies in the consequences in this bone marrow disorder.They are:

a.      Develop the reason for causing bone marrow disorder:

                                                    i.     Though the symptoms are mild, first of all someone would need to consult a Physician who is specialized in Orthopedics. He/she will consult the patient directly to the orthopedics Physician and identify the degree of affection by asking the following questions:

1.      How does this disorder happen?

2.      What type of people are affected by this?

3.      What is the age of the affected person?

4.      Does this affected person lack vitamins? If so, which ones do they need more of?

5.      What is the maximum quantity of water they drink at a periodic interval? (Should be daily)

6.      What is the amount of water content in their body?

                                                   ii.     Collecting these answers above from the Physician will allow the affected individual to proceed to the next stage.

b.      Identify other side effects of this disorder:

                                                    i.     This involves the patient having the following symptoms in their daily routine:

1.      Do they have knee pains?

2.      Is there any lack of proteins in the blood cells? This can be identified by checking the blood test reports.

3.      Does the patient have any bad habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, or eating fast food?

                                                   ii.     If the above cases are true, surely they should take steps to get help in these areas.

c.      Evaluating and choosing the right Physician:

                                                    i.     If the above ideas donít work out, a better person for the job will consult the patient directly with the following types of Physicians:

1.      They can consult with a Physician who specializes in acupuncture treatment.

2.      They can go for a touch therapy treatment.This is where the disorder is diagnosed or can be cured by touching certain portions of the nerves in the patientís body by fingers or by needle.

3.      If neither acupuncture nor touch therapy works out, they will do some physical exercises and most likely recommend practicing YOGA in their daily routine.This may cure the some of the psychological effects.

                                                   ii.     Sometimes all people need is to be told that they are not affected, and that itís all in their head, almost like a placebo.Oneís mind and body will be controlled, and everything will possibly be cured.

d.      Implementing and treatments from various Physicians:

                                                    i.     Once all the above diagnostic methods are identified and analyzed, then they will take steps to test it practically as the statements given below:

1.      Did the acupuncture treatment succeed or not?

2.      Did any of the other types of treatment work or not?

3.      Is there any improvement in the patientís health?

4.      Is the feedback from the patientís health test coming back positive?

                                                   ii.     These factors are contributed to the affected patients.

e.      Evaluating the real time diagnostic test cases:

                                                    i.     The various treatments, test cases, and the patientís health feedback have the highest degree of feasibility, it means the resources of money, and time are more economical to implement and cure the bone marrow disorder in the above treatments.


       I.          Kaiser Permanente Implements Electronic Health Record (EHR) System:

All people want better health, nutrition, and hygiene.A proper health completes a person to look after their family and childrenís in a hygienic way.

Health Scenario in This Emerging World:

        In the current health scenario, all aspects of diseases effect the human very fast.The reason for this is that there is no hygienic food.90% of the food that we are taking in is hybrid and not hygienic.

        Kaiser Permanente adapted the EHR scheme relevant to match this fast world to show how the innovative diseases change every humanís life in every second. For example: Swine Flu, Plague, and Malaria diseases.

The Reason to Choose EHR (Electronic Health Recording) System:

        A monthly full body checkup is needed in every common person.Keeping this in mind, the following parameters are taken into account:

o   How fast foods are taken by many adults similarly.A full body checkup is needed to protect us from chronicle diseases that cause death to humans.

o   To manage our countryís population, we need an efficient health monitoring and recording system.Thatís why the Kaiser organization chooses this method.

Physician Perspective:

        If someone is a Physician, he/she may agree this type of system to cut down the timing in consulting for thousands of people and to respond to them with other methods such as Email or using a smartphone by means of IVR (interactive voice response) schemes to respond to patients quickly and efficiently through SMS (short message service aka text message). This could come in handy so that billions of patients get cured and recovers their lives.

Nurse Perspective:

        Some might say that a nurse is nothing but an information gatherer for the doctor.But in reality, a nurse is almost like Godís priest because they have awesome services in handling patients with whatever they need.Moreover, EHS plan makes the nurse to serve better by reducing their work load and the pressure in offering simultaneous service among more nurses.

Estimation Effort Towards Implementation:

        The money spent by Kaiser was reasonable because a Physician is needed for this type of system in order to implement a fast, trained, and dedicated service.The amount of $4.2 billion can be taken as a profit by the next forthcoming years by the organization.Based on my point of view, ďNo Pain No GainĒ is the moral of what someone needs to tell.

Research Activities of EHR System:

        A warm welcome must be given to all the researchers that are taking part in the EHR research because the research is key for any health organization.For doing research, one must need proper data.

o   Data collection is the first step once the user starts research

o   Every step must implement proper protection

o   Benchmark is the heart of research

o   Data should not be given to the researcher by charging enough money because benchmark data is equivalent to a tunnel containing gold

        No ethical issues will arise if its properly supported with privileges.Reasonable cost must be charged to the better progression of the research work.


     II.          Decision Support for Healthcare Diagnosis:

Concern for Physician using a decision support system:

        Normally, a Physicianís mindset is to offer a trusted service to patients, even though a lot of the decisions should be made to speed up the treatment given to the patients.There are various advantages in offering Isabel Systems.Medical diagnosis is the king of all the methodologies which is offered in healthcare management.The following parameters are needed in order to make the treatment fast and efficient:

o   Knowing patient history

o   There should be a centralized system (Website portal)

o   Timely knowing the raw facts of the patient

        Since it is an interactive system, it is able to know all the patientsí history with proper authentication.Pattern matching is an excellent data mining technique that can mine the hidden facts of the patientsí.It can easily scan patientsí symptoms and effects of drugs in a patientsí body.This type of DSS suits our current fast world to make an efficient healthcare system.

Advantage and concern about the offering of Watson system:

        Since the Watson system is a supercomputer, it is able to perform diagnose millions of patientsí health in seconds.Itís also able to suggest the best treatment in seconds. Watson has the capability to understand plain data or symptoms.The cost is very low in implementation that it can prevent patient injury in incentive hospitals.

In the decade, it may be possible that medical care technology could be accessible by the patients.This could reduce costs of medical care. It reduces the cost and improves the efficiency in the following manner:

        Timely diagnosing the type of symptoms patients have

        Consuming a very minimum number of labors

        Investing money in hardware and software

        Reducing a low cost of resources by sharing a centralized resource which is the supercomputer.

Decision Support system is the feasible system that supports the healthcare decision to reduce the costs.The DSS is a very effective and efficient system because it offers the following things:

        Highest degree of healthcare and medical care services without human intervention.

        Millions and billions of patients get treated within a certain time and a given resource.

        Work load of the Physicians are extremely reduced and they can concentrate on some other innovations of DSS.