Chapter 9

What Would You Do?

1.      Letís say Iím 30 minutes into a job interview for my dream job, one where my college education and experience could really be applied.Everything I going great, and then they ask me for my Facebook user name and password so they can do a further research after the formal interview.First off, I donít think any company would ask for your Facebook password, they would only need your user name and they can take a look themselves without me knowing.Secondly, I do not have a Facebook so I would tell them I do not have a Facebook page.If I did, I would respectfully decline, although I have nothing to hide, but that would be an invasion of my own property.Now if they said I wouldnít get the job if I didnít give it to them, I would give it to them because itís my dream job and I donít think there would be anything on my Facebook page (if I had one) to hide.

2.      I wouldnít drop a candidate because they seem irresponsible.The two examples given are not a good reason to assume somebody is irresponsible.I would suggest to interview this person, get to know them, maybe do some research on social media and then figure out if theyíre irresponsible.Maybe this individual had gone through some tough times or these issues maybe werenít even their fault to begin with.The records might show that someone is irresponsible but you cannot assume just from reading a file.If the person seems to be right for the job but has a few mishaps in life, itís probably a good idea to meet them in person and see what theyíre really like.


1.      Itís tough to say, because if there is an increase in units sold then it also may be due to the quality of the product and it may not be completely due to success of the social network marketing. There is a difference in getting success from social media marketing to sell more numbers of products and the sales of the product increase due to the quality of the product.Because of the social media marketing, the reach of the will be huge in very less amounts of time but if the quality of the product is good, the goodness of the product spreads from mouth to mouth which takes some time to spread.

First of all, many people donít spend too much time at home due to various reasons in which one of the most common one is work.At work they will be online for most of the time instead of watching television.

The five key criteria are as follows:

        Number of likes

        Number of shares

        Number of views

        Statistics of the video so they can concentrate on those areas who view video

        Comments under the video

2.      In the view of Facebook developers, they want to give the users the full effect of the Facebook so itís not wrong to automatically enroll the users in new features without their knowledge.One the other side, some users may not like the way the features work or how they are presented in Facebook.Overall, it is a matter of perspective.

The user may not want others to know about what he or she does, what their activities are, the whereabouts of him/her, the photo containing sensitive material which he or she doesnít want to expose or doesnít want a particular person to know about the things mentioned above.This is what happens when a friend tags that user so that the friends with the user can see the photo.

Yes, generally most of the people who use Facebook use the tag suggestion feature.If a group photo is taken and someone uploads it to Facebook, then it is only known that he had uploaded the photo in which he is present.So only his friends will know about the photo. If he decideds to tag his friends who are present in the photo, it will reach out to friends who are not in the photo which is normally not a good thing.