Chapter 1:  What Is Multimedia?

Key Term Quiz

1.      Multimedia

2.      Interactive Multimedia

3.      Hypermedia

4.      Linear

5.      Non Linear

6.      GUI

7.      Platform, environment

8.      Integrated Multimedia

9.      Burner

10.   Browser

Multiple-Choice Quiz

1.      C

2.      D

3.      C

4.      A

5.      D

6.      C

7.      B

8.      A

9.      D

10.   B

11.   E

12.   D

13.   A

14.   C

15.   D

Essay Quiz

1.      The term multimedia was introduced by Bob Goldstein to promote the July 1966 opening of his "LightWorks at L'Oursin" show.  Tay Vaughan declared “Multimedia is any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video that is delivered by computer.  Implementation of multimedia for today and the future reflect the innate desire of man to create outlets for creative expression, to use technology and imagination to gain empowerment and freedom for ideas that will propel all of us into a better world. The future of multimedia will include high - band - width access to a wide array of multimedia resources and learning material whenever multimedia are being use in business, schools, home, medical, entertainment and event in public places.  Multimedia is very important to improve the lives of its users. Nowadays application for multimedia included training, presentation, advertising, simulations, databases, talk, open ceremony, functions, etc.  However, multimedia might influence users in negative ways such as violations of the right of human being and user’s privacy.

2.      Television advertisements get the information out there for everyone to see but they are also pretty expensive.  You would have to hire a bunch of people and also pay the TV provider just to get air time. 

3.      Implications of multimedia being shifted from DVD to World Wide Web is a company managed to control all aspects of businesses in efficient ways, expand their market growth, produce a product or service with lower total cost such as lower cost of advertising. There are many ways to keep it secure either by organization, companies or individual. For example, companies putting their software on websites with a requirement for password or key.  That puts the customer in need to purchase a reliable password first before they can access to any of the programs. We can distribute and introduce the multimedia to the people via networking, internet and operating system by using different kind of advertisement available in the websites.

Site 1:

·        GUI user is attractive, friendly, and clear. Navigation elements to see another part of bicycle. Using grey color for background and white color for foreground.

·        The content is appropriate and relevant. Can add flash player for the part of description making it more interesting or add some video.

·        Using text, image, and graphic art. Flash animation for advertising. Using nonlinear and user interactive.

Site 2:

·        GUI user is clear and friendly. Navigation element to change page. Black colors for background and white grey colors for foreground.

·        Yes, the content is appropriate. Replace the real image with graphic image to gain more attractive view.

·        Using flash player for advertising and video to introduce latest product. User interactive and nonlinear.

Site 3:

·        Easy to use and systematic GUI. It does not mess up. Navigation to view types of bicycle and accessories. Dark grey use for background and white grey use for foreground.

·        The content is relevant and informative. Add some flash image and video for more attractive view or some link to Facebook for better advertising.

·        Using bigger text for highlight the key term. Using image for different category. User interactive and nonlinear.

Site 4:

·        Simple, not attractive and clear GUI. Navigation elements use to change page and another part of bicycle accessories. Blue colors for background and white color for foreground.

·        Yes, appropriate but need some modification because the website seem not attractive and too simple such as use a bigger image and put some description for each product or add some graphic art and video.

·        Image and text using is small and ugly. Simple and small flash player image at corner. User interactive and nonlinear.