Chapter 3: Images

Essay Quiz

1.      A bitmap image is an image that runs off pixels while vector images run off a mathematical algorithm that allows it to be re-sized easily, while bitmap images are great for a realistic look.

Background: Vector, so it can re-size with the website.

Buttons: Vector, so you can change the size.

Icons: Vector, same as above, so you can change the size.

Text: Vector, because it is digital not realistic.

Pictures: Bitmap, it is realistic.

2.      The brand of these objects generally won't determine how good images look. However, if you were to look at the same image on a laptop and a smartphone, what may fit the laptop screen will probably be clunky on the phone. To create a good interface, you should keep things simple, accessible, and to the point. If possible, tailor-design your interface for each of these platforms for the best results.

3.      Triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, kite, circle, octagon. In order to create a 3D object from a 2D object, you would simply rotate the 2D shape in its position to get the 3D shape. For example, you have a triangle with width of 8 units. Once you rotate that triangle, you have a cone with a radius of 4 units.

Lab Project:

I chose for my local audience, for my general global audience, and for a special niche. IGN is a website more for gamers, is for anyone who wants to shop or do auctions, and Shakeology is a muscle gain or weight loss company. After comparing the three, I found that IGN and Ebay both need to take some advice from Shakeology on how to layout a website. They pictures and images on are very clear and big for people to see and the layout is just so simple.