Chapter 5: Animation

Essay Quiz

1.      Objects seen by our eyes remains chemically mapped on our retinas for a few milliseconds after viewing something.Combined with our brains need to conceptually complete an action, it makes it possible to change images speedy and slightly to make the illusion of movement.

2.      Cel based animation was made famous by Disney.Generally runs at 24 FPS. The term cel derives from the clear celluloid sheets that were used for drawing each frame. Key-frames are the first and last frames of an action.  Tweening is an action that requires calculating the number of frames between key-frames and the path the action takes, and then actually sketching with pencil the series of progressively dierent outlines.Inks means special methods for computing color values, providing edge detection, and layering so that images can blend or otherwise mix their colors to produce special transparencies, inversions, and effects.

3.      You would need to key-frame when the moon is in-front of the planet. The motion would be planet rotating slowly and the moon going round faster.

4.      A manís arms, release, rolling and ball rotating then striking the pins and scattering them.You would use Kinematics and inverse kinematics to make the manís movement accurate.

5.      A) A web site for sports car enthusiasts? The wheels spinning on the car of the logo.

B) A presentation to shareholders of a financial report? When graphs are showed you see each bar or section of the graph expand at a rate so they hit the full amount at the same time, and slide transitions.

C) A training CD on a printing press? The disk rotating 

D) A CD that depicts the history of a railroad? Captions, transitions, visualizations.


Project 5.1