Chapter 6: Video

Essay Quiz

1.      First you must use some recording hardware or software and collect footage, when you have edited it in Premier Pro you must export (ctr+M) and then use other software to export to disk.During all this time you will have to consider the total definition of what you are producing. 'If you use an old video recorder from 5 years ago you are going to get crappy quality video and audio.And when you come to exporting it you will have to think about quality vs file size, if I were to export a roughly 30 second clip.So the higher the quality the more the file size, and if the file size is too large it would be a pain to distribute.

2.      Computer monitors don't differ from TV's too much they are both screens generally the only difference is the size, another thing is it is amazingly simple to plug my computer into my TV and use it as a monitor.The only thing to be careful about is to make sure it is high enough definition for the TV (these days 1080P should do it good enough).

3.      Personally I say it depends on what type of video you want so in my case I am going to say a kill montage, the best technique to use is to use something like dxtory and record your game-play of a game you are awesome at and then after about 10 hours go through all the footage and export the awesome kills and mesh them all together and add music.

4.      size of the frame the color span, the amount of key frames per second and how fast the audio runs all define the quality of a video signal, if the video is digital you will probably get a better picture because it tells the pixel to be on or off compared to what color to be. And the recording can affect the quality because if the cam is shakey you will get tones of motion blur. To insure best quality use best settings and gear itís that simple. And if you get 10 FPS itís not worth watching even if it is awesome quality.

5.      A codec is a recipe of 4 main parts: 

a.      the frame (definition) 

b.      color (variety of colors 2-99999999)

c.      the picture and how often there are key frames

d.      audio (how many kb/s recommend 96 or above)

Project 6.1

†††††††††††††† I chose to use the GoPro video cameras.As you can see below, the prices range from $199.99 - $499.99 and that is because of the quality of the camera lenses, and how much space you want to save things.Obviously the higher the price, the better the camera.The memory space and the lens arenít the only things that make these cameras different in price.The back of the camera has touch screen capabilities on the more expensive ones, and comes with attachments like the selfie-stick, chest mount, and helmet mount.There are many more attachments for these cameras.The price also has to do with the shutter speed, the portability, and the lens zoom.Some GoProís donít zoom as well as others.