Chapter 8: Planning and Costing

Essay Quiz

1.      A.  The market for the project is obviously for the beginners to learn JavaScript programming language easily and learn through a game.

B.  The objective for the project is to give beginners easy way or method to learn JavaScript especially the medium is through an instructional game.

C.  Technical limitations, if any.

D.  Week 1-3: Finding the best topic and comfortable with technology these days.  Discuss the idea of the project with teammates, consult with instructor.  Choose best project to do and describe the goals and benefits and estimated time to finish the project.  Week 4-6:  Design the project storyline. Submit the proposal. Create character of the project. Explore the content needed.  Consultation with instructor. Authoring the project and testing.  Week 7: Submit the report, and present to the class.

2.      Planning and Costing:  Plan out the writing skills, graphic art, music, video, and other multimedia expertise that you will require. Develop a creative “look and feel” (what a user sees on a screen and how he or she interacts with it), as well as a structure and a navigational system that will allow the viewer to visit the messages and content. Estimate the time you’ll need to do all the elements, and then prepare a budget. Work up a short prototype or proof-of-concept, a simple, working example to demonstrate whether or not your idea is feasible. The ease with which you can create materials with today’s production and authoring tools tempts new developers to immediately move into production—jumping in before planning.

Designing and Producing:  Perform each of the planned tasks to create a finished product. During this stage, there may be many feedback cycles with a client until the client is happy.

Testing:  Test your programs to make sure that they meet the objectives of your project, work properly on the intended delivery platforms, and meet the needs of your client or end user.

Delivering:  Package and deliver the project to the end user. Be prepared to follow up over time with tweaks, repairs, and upgrades.

A milestone is an event that receives special attention. It is often falsely put at the end of a stage to mark the completion of a work package or phase. But milestones are rather to be put before the end of a phase so that corrective actions in case of problems can still be met and the deliverable can be completed in time.

3.      The idea, Analyze the need, analyze the cost, analyze the content, analyze the market, analyze the technology.


a.      Telephone expenses

                                                     i.     calling the client

                                                   ii.     make order from supplier

b.      office equipment and furniture

c.       rent and utilities

                                                     i.     pay rent fees

                                                   ii.     pay water and electric bills

d.      stationery and supplies

e.      postage and delivery costs

f.       clerical help

g.      business insurance

h.      business-related meals and entertainment

i.        travel expenses

j.        professional association memberships

k.      legal and accounting fees

l.        advertising and marketing costs

                                                     i.     cost of a yellow pages ad, website or brochure.


Basically, in producing a multimedia project a success, the time and estimated cost must be taken seriously in order to ensure that the project is done in the estimating time. The project designing must be included in the chart for example we choose Gantt chart. Accurate time estimation is a crucial skill in project management. Without it, we don't know how long your project will take, and another problem that will occur is we are unable to get commitment from the people who need to sign it off. The creativity of the group members is also one of the important things to make the project looks more attractive. In order to make it looks creative and what we want, a lot of time need to be taken care of. We have to set certain period of time to make sure that the project must be finished in the period of time.