Chapter 10:Online Content and Media

4. Identify a popular online magazine that also has an offline subscription or newsstand edition. What advantages (and disadvantages) does the online edition have when compared to the offline physical edition? Has technology platform, content design or industry structure convergence occurred in the online magazine industry? Prepare a short report discussing this issue.

††††††††††† The magazine I chose is the Health Journal.They have both online and an offline subscription.The advantages of the online edition is that you can access it pretty much where ever you would have internet access.It has a navigation bar of all the topics that are included in the magazine so it is easier to find the things you need.I prefer the online version because it seems to have more information and it is easier to use rather than flipping back and forth through annoying pages.The outline of the website is nice and easy to read.They kind of made the online version of the magazine look like the actual hard copy of the magazine.


5. In August 2014, Amazon announced that it was going to purchase Twitch, which lets users stream their video game sessions, for almost $1 billion. Why would Amazon spend so much money on Twitch? Create a short presentation either defending the purchase or explaining why you think it was a bad idea.

††††††††††† I believe that Amazon would spend that much money on Twitch just to a step ahead of its competitors.According to an article I read, people thought that Google had already been in line to purchase Twitch.Iím still not really sure what Twitch is, but it doesnít really sound like anything super special.$1.1 Billion is a lot of money, I believe that money should be spent on something that is useful to all people instead of just gamers.