Chapter 6:  Ecommerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts


4.   Surf the Web for at least 15 minutes. Visit at least two different e-commerce sites. Make a list describing in detail all the different marketing communication tools you see being used. Which do you believe is the most effective and why?

A:            I looked at and and found they both use Advertising and Social Media as different marketing communication tools. Amazon uses advertising the best by using video advertisements on their site and also on the television.  I have seen Ebay pop up multiple times on my Facebook and Twitter page but I have never seen any television commercials.  On the internet, they show new products and popular products that may be interested in based off of what my recent searches are.  Advertising within Social Media is very powerful because people are constantly on the internet.  People will constantly see ads all around them everywhere they go whether it be when walking around town or on social media.


7.   Visit your Facebook page and examine the ads shown in the right margin. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? You could also search on a retail product on Google several times, and related products, then visit Yahoo or another popular site to see if your past behavior is helping advertisers track you.

A:            The ads that appear on the right side of my Facebook page are for Amazon and for Yahoo sports.  Facebook can track what people check out throughout the website and have noticed that I have recently searched on Amazon and in sports and sports stories/news.  I assume that Amazon is being advertised because I use Amazon every once in a while.  I use Yahoo Sports for fantasy football and hockey, and those sites are visited every day.