Chapter 7: Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing


2. Visit your Facebook page and examine the ads shown in the right margin. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? Make a list of ads appearing in your news feed. Are these ads appropriately targeted to you in terms of your demographics, interests, and past purchases? Go to at least two Web sites, and Like it or Like a product. In the next 24 hours, do you see marketing messages on Facebook related to your likes?

A:            The ads that appeared on the right side of my Facebook page were for NHL and Sprint.  I believe these ads are there because those are the two sites I recently visited.  The internet can track what I check out throughout the website and have noticed that I am interested in hockey, sports stories/news.  I assume that Sprint is being advertised because my phone plan goes through Sprint and they always have new things they want people to know about so it’s good advertising.  Two days ago I liked a Facebook page about a pool game and now there is a message with some advertising asking me to download more games from that person.  

List of Ads:  Sprint, NHL, Jeep, Hyundai, Games


3. Visit two websites of your choice and apply the social marketing process model to both. Critically compare and contrast the effectiveness of these sites in terms of the dimensions of the social marketing process. How well do these sites acquire fans, generate engagement, amplify responses, create a community, and strengthen their brands? What recommendations can you make for these websites to improve their effectiveness?

A:            I visited both and and they’re both pretty similar.  I wanted to compare the two because they are competitors with business.  I found that both sites took a good amount of time in order to plan their websites.  They both have huge advertisements on new products such as fishing gear, hunting gear, boats, 4-wheelers, etc.  The layouts are very similar, with the navigation buttons going across the top along with a search bar.  Both sites do a very good job acquiring fans and generating engagement. They use action shots of people fishing, hunting, and basically just having a blast. 

Recommendations:   I think they both do a great job but since they’re competitors, maybe one of them could switch up the layout of their site.