Andy Kolden

Information Security

Chapter 10 (pages 576-577)



1)      Write a job description for Kevin Ulrich, the project manager described in the opening vignette of this chapter.† Be sure to identify characteristics of the ideal candidate, as well as work experience and educational background.† Also, justify why your job description is suitable for potential candidates of this position.

-          For this job you will have to be able to conduct meetings with an IT team, will need valuable knowledge in networking, security, computers, etc.† Also you will need to make sure projects are smooth sailing and are proceeding as scheduled.† Lastly, you will need to make sure all of the tasks and subtasks that you hand out will be able to be fulfilled with the budget.† It is suitable because it is a very good job with some tough tasks to handle so it has be sure to pick the right candidate.


2)      Search the Web for job descriptions of project managers.† You can use any number of Web sites, including or, to find at least 10 IT-related job descriptions.† What common elements do you find among the job descriptions?† What is the most unusual characteristic among them?

-          Some common elements of all of them include: leadership, experience in managing, experience in that certain project field, determine objectives, make sure costs are on track to meet the budget, make adjustments as needed, etc.†

-          The most unusual characteristic of them is that they have to manage the contracts with vendors and suppliers because they already have so much on their plate I canít see how they can have enough time to do this.† I would think this could be the job of a foreman or other supervisor of some sort.



Case Exercises

1)      What project management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting?

-          He needs to make sure to make sure that the top priorities benefit everyone and that they are very important so that everyone knows he is trying his best to get done what needs to be done.


2)      What change management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting, and how do these tasks fit in within the project management process?

-          HE should try to make sure that everyone who he is delegating tasks down to is doing their jobs as well so that everything in the company is very efficient.† Besides that he needs to figure out what he is going to prioritize so that he can get some more people on his side.


3)      Had you been in Kelvinís place, what would you have done differently to prepare for this meeting?

-          I would have for sure looked over and asked around what they think should be worked on and what could be improved instead of him just using his opinion for these things.† If managers donít care what their employees think then they will not be a manager that is respected and they wonít be a manager for long.


Ethical Decision Making

1)      Do you think Kelvin had an ethical lapse by cherry-picking the data for his presentation?

-          I think maybe a little bit in the eyes of others because he is going strictly off of money and that is what will hurt the respect of his reputation.† He needs to find out what controls they can for sure achieve and they have to be realistic not just off of statistics and data.


2)      Is this an ethical lapse?

-          Yes because he is simply choosing his opinion rather than what is actually right.


3)      Has Kelvin committed to an ethical lapse?

-          No because he is doing the right thing by getting things done the right way.