Andy Kolden

Information Security

Chapter 3 (pages 166)



1)      Using the resources in your library, find out what laws your state has passed to prosecute computer crime.

-          From what I have found is that anyone who intentionally destroys, damages or provides the means to a destructive computer program with the intent of destroying a computer program, system network software or any other property is charged as a criminal and the time to serve is decided by the severity of the crime being committed. 



2)      Using a Web browser, go to  What are the current top concerns of this organization?

-          The top areas of concern going on right now are different licensing problems that big companies are having along with Twitter not having enough privacy settings that can turn down a user from finding another’s phone number.  Twitter has also found a bug in the system had been fixed if you follow simple safety settings to turn off “enable phone number to others” button.  Those are just a few of many free tips that this site can provide for user safety online.


Case Exercises

1)      Should Iris have approached Henry directly, or was the hotline the most effective way to take action?  Why do you think so?

-          This was certainly the most effective way to do this because she was just trying to save herself and if she faced him directly it could have gotten violent and maybe he could have threatened her if she didn’t stay quiet about this.  Going through this hotline, she was safe and top management took her in to make sure she felt comfortable telling the truth this way.


2)      Should Gladys call the legal authorities?  Which agency should she call?

-          She could call the NSA and IRS to make sure that they are made aware of this to see how long/how many people are involved.  She should call authorities so that she has taken care of all of the legality issues herself, passing it on to the top chain of execution in this case. 


3)      Do you think this matter needs to be communicated elsewhere inside the company?  Who should be informed and how?  How about outside the company?

-          I think she should inform all of the Board members of this issue along with any people that are above her on the chain of command.  She should inform them by having a meeting of what she knows and what information that she is going to share with the lawmakers such as the NSA and IRS but before that, she should inform any of the people on the Board or owners.


Ethical Decision Making

1)      Do you thin Henry acted in an ethical manner?  Did Iris act in an ethical manner by determining the owner of the flash drive?  What law or laws has Henry violated?  Explain why her action would have been ethical or unethical.

-          I do not think that Henry acted in an ethical manner because it Is clearly illegal what he is doing and even if this drive is not his, he should not have had this drive where he did and he should have reported it to higher authorities.

-          I think she should have just returned it to the front desk/counter and said that someone forgot this drive, so if they ask just know that it is found.  I would not want someone looking through my thumb drive if they found it,  would just want it to be returned to a help desk.

-          He has violated money laundering laws, privacy laws, national security laws, along with a number of different laws of just having this drive in his possession without reporting it before.

-          Her action would have been ethical by returning it to a front desk and saying that she had found it on the table.  She got a little bit nosy by clicking through files and she found herself in a tough situation where she had to report what was going on.  Although once she found it, she took the correct steps to expose this because what was going on is very illegal.