Andy Kolden

Information Security

Chapter 9 (pages 534-535)



1)      Assume that your organization is planning to have an automated server room that functions without human assistance.  Such a room is often called a lights out server room.  Describe the fire control system you would install in that room.

-          You would have to install thermal detection for anything over/under normal body/operating temperatures for the server room.  You would have to also install fixed-temp sensors for the same type of reason before.  You would need smoke detectors so that the system will know to protect the equipment as good as possible.  Lastly, a flame detector so that the room know when there is an actual fire nearby and it does what it can to protect the equipment. 


2)      Define the required wattage for a UPS to be used with the following systems:


a.      Monitor: 2 amps; CPU: 3 amps; printer: 3 amps


…(2x120) + (3x120) + (3x120) = 960watts


b.      Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 3 amps


…(3x120) + (4x120) + (3x120) = 1,200watts



c.       Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 4 amps


…(3x120) + (4x120) + (4x120) = 1,320watts



Case Exercises

1)      Based on this case study, what security awareness measures, training documents, and posters have had an impact on this event?

-          The security awareness measures that have had an impact are that she knew right away she is only allowed to use her badge for herself and herself only, if anyone else get in under her clearance and it doesn’t seem right that she is to contact security like she did.  She did all the correct measures to contain the situation.


2)      Do you think that Amy should have done anything differently?  What would you have done in her situation?

-          I think she handled it well without anything truly going too crazy.  She should have maybe confronted him right away but that could have led to violence or something along those lines so I do think she handled it well.


Ethical Decision Making

1)      If Amy chose not to make a report about the event, would she be violating her ethical position?

-          Yes she would because her first priority is to make sure the company stays secure as possible and if he had done this without her telling, then there would have been some expensive personal goods gone missing.  It is hard to “tell on” a friend but if she had to do it to make sure the company stayed secure and safe, then that is what needed to be done or else she could find herself in trouble by breaking her ethical position.