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ITS 230

MD1 Assignments



1.       T

2.       F

3.       T

4.       F

5.       F

6.       F

7.       T

8.       F

9.       F

10.   T

11.   T

12.   F












Problem solving

Problematic Camera

If the inserted battery is already at a low battery when you inserted it onto the camera device, it is likely that the battery was not fully charged before it was put into the camera.

Discarding Old Computer Equipment

It is important to consider the negative impact on the environment if computer components are not disposed properly. My suggestion would be to either to refurbish the component and sell it to a second-hand retailer to generate more revenue, as well as putting the components into more circulation.

Dead Battery

If I do not have the charger for the laptop and you have important tasks for it the next morning, I would turn the laptop off and not use it at all, in order to preserve the battery for the important task that is required tomorrow.

Incorrect Sign-in Credentials

Most sites contain the “Forgot Password” option, which would allow the website to send an email that allows the user to securely enter a new password and forgo the previous one. From there I should be able to access my account with the new credentials.

Cannot Share Photos

I would attempt to convert the photo into another format that compresses the file further, which would reduce the size of the file it occupies on the email, potentially at the expense of the pictures quality.



I used Fortune’s and Australian’s government’s list of 25 most common passwords, and the ones that showed up on both lists are “123456”, “password”, “12345678”, “football”, “qwerty”, “passw0rd” and “admin”.

I used

“123456” can be cracked instantly

“password” would be cracked instantly

“admin” would also be cracked instantly

People that used these passwords either do not use it for the important accounts, or are the people who do not take security too serious, and they only need it to be as memorable as possible.

I do not use any of those passwords in any of my accounts.

Companies often gathered those common passwords by using the database of cracked passwords in the past.