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ITS 230



True or False

1.       T

2.       F. Virtual servers can be fast and easy to configure.

3.       F. Mainframe is a bulk computer that has larger capabilities compared to the general-purpose computers.

4.       F. Thin clients delicate most of their capabilities to the server it connects to.

5.       F. Personal computers are also capable of conducting complex calculations.

6.       F. Most computer and electronic devices are digital, which uses 2 discrete states: on and off.

7.       T

8.       T

9.       F. The term port sometimes is used to identify audio and video ports.

10.   F. Newer versions of USB are backward compatible, which means they support older USB devices.

11.   T

12.   NFC uses close-range radio signals to transmit data between two NFC-enabled devices.



1.       CPU – g

2.       Fault-tolerant computer – b

3.       Kiosk – h

4.       Motherboard – j

5.       Peripheral device – d

6.       Phablet – a

7.       Push notification – i

8.       Server virtualization –

9.       Slate tablet – c

10.   Thin client – e

Problem solving

·         Slow computer performance

There might be many reasons for this. The computer might have been old and is unable to keep up with the constant updates from the operating system. The storage unit might have been outdated or overloaded with too many files. Other performance hardware can be malfunction/outdated too, such as the GPU unit or the cooling system. I would attempt to free up the hard drive, and if it doesn’t speed up then I would attempt to back up the drive and reset the system back to its manufacturer’s settings. Replacing the laptop can also be an option.

·         Faulty ATM

If the ATM malfunctions, I would keep the receipt and call the responsible personnel to help with the issue. Since it likely doesn’t belong to you, it is better to not try to interfere with the machine yourself.

·         Battery draining quickly

This is a common issue for phones. The battery has surpassed its life cycle and it is recommended to replace it with a new one. However, sometimes the other components of the phone can also be responsible for this. If the battery replacement doesn’t stop the issue, I would bring the phone for repair.

·         Excessive phone heat

This is usually caused by overloading performance that the phone must go through. I would disable apps running in the background that are unnecessary that contributes to the overheat of the phone.

·         Mobile device synchronization

This might be caused by the USB ports or the cable having issues and therefore preventing connectivity between the devices. I would replace the USB cable with a different one. If it doesn’t help, I would try connecting it onto the different USB port on the same computer.

Research – social media product ratings and reviews

3 companies on the social media

·         IBM: 475k followers on Twitter. Twitter does not have a rating-system nor a user-reviews database. People respond most positively about their post of the CEO Ginni Rometty’s interview and their reputation as a “women-friendly” company. They generally do not respond to any comments.

·         Amazon: 29 million followers on Facebook. They also do not have a rating system nor a user-reviews list (those should be on the company’s own website). Unlike IBM, Amazon responds to almost every comment on their posts with a very cooperative and friendly attitude, whether it is positive or negative.

·         Purism Computer: 11k “likes”. Since this company is relatively small and they have only released 2 products within last couple years, they do have a user reviews system and ratings, based on around 20.

Social media helps enhance visibility as well as the interactions and marketing operations for the company. Products promotion, community events, reviews… are all the tools that can be used to boost the competitive advantage of the firms. These days, without social media, a company would be automatically put at a disadvantage.