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ITS 230




1.       F. The operation system serves as the interface between the user, the apps, and the computerís or mobile deviceís hardware.

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3.       F. RETAIL SOFTWARE is mass-produced, copyrighted software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users.

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5.       F. Because they run in a browser, you always access the latest version of web apps.

6.       F. Users run queries to retrieve data.

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12.   F. Cookies are not considered spywares because the web designers do not attempt to conceal them.












Problem solving

Antivirus program not updating: this is either an issue with your internet connect, or the antivirus contains some errors in the registry. The best solution would be to simply re-install the proram.

Unwanted programs: if you see them installed on your computer, chances are you have agreed to install those items under the installation process of your desired program, without paying close attention to all the terms and agreements. I would just uninstall those unwanted programs.

News not updating: this can be a result of outdated programs as well as sluggish internet connection. If the connection works fine in other apps, this could be an issue with the app itself. I would suggest checking for its updates or reinstall a new fresh version for it.

Incompatible app: an app can be incompatible with a phone if the operating system of the phone is not compatible to run the application.

Unacceptable file size: I would attempt to compress the logo, by converting it to another formart such as .jpeg or .png

Research questions Ė Online Gaming


Has 10 games.

Offers article on professional e-Sports and comments on the articles

No rewards.

Offer journalism on the major tournaments regarding the 10 games shown.

Latest article is about post-tournament information about the world championship The International 2018 of DOTA 2 video game.


Has any games that streamers decide to share.

Offers live-streaming and live-chatting services by the registered viewers with emoji, icons, and donations.

Associated with Amazon.

Does not do articles.

I havenít participated in any online social gaming networks.