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ITS 230




1.       F. Cybercrime

2.       F. Adware

3.       T

4.       T

5.       T

6.       T

7.       F. Plaintext

8.       F. Private Key is symmetric.

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1.       Access control – i

2.       Bot - c

3.       Cookie – d

4.       Digital certificate – e

5.       Disc burning software – f

6.       Keygen – g

7.       Phishing – b

8.       Script kiddie - h

9.       Technology ethics – j

10.   Zombie – a

Problem solving

No browsing history: you might have been browsing in private mode, which does not store your history records. Disabling private browsing will make sure the history records is retained.

Phishing scam: depending on what kind of information you have provided, it is recommended that you reset the password of any accounts credential info you provided and possible modifying most of the info such as sign-in credentials. Also perform a system security scan on your computer to prevent any potential issues.

Suspicious file attachment: if you have opened the file, your computer is likely to be infected. It is recommended that you run a malware scan on your computer using security software before doing anything else on it.

Antivirus software outdated: it is imperative that you should update your antivirus software, so it is up to date with the malwares database, to prevent any potential attacks in the future that is not registered in the antivirus database.

Corporate Firewall Interference: the work computer belongs to the company’s network system with the corporate administrator being the only one with the administrative access to these computers, and has likely placed restrictions on what kind of applications that are allowed to be installed on these computers by the unauthorized users.

Internet Research – Social Media

Unauthorized access

There multiple measures that can be taken by a Facebook user to enhance the privacy and security measures for your social media account to further avoid the threat of unauthorized access. You can change the password frequently not only to reduce the predictability of the phrase, but also to log out of any devices that currently have access to the Facebook account.

You can adjust the categories of people that can see your posts on the timeline, and you can also adjust the visibility of a specific post to be invisible to any specific friends. You can also report any posts you see that violet the website’s terms. Potential threats of people accessing your account include forgetting to sign out of the account when you use Facebook on a public device.