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ITS 230




1.       T

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3.       T

4.       F. A smaller frame rate results in a smaller file size video but not smoother playback.

5.       F. Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) are two technologies used by optical readers.

6.       F. A magstripe reader reads the preprinted characters on the back of swiping cards such as credit cards.

7.       T

8.       T

9.       F. Contrast ratio defines a display’s highest brightness’ relativeness to its darkest light.

10.   F. A 3-D printer creates an object by using additive manufacturing.

11.   F. Printer resolution is measured by the number of dots per inch a printer can print.

12.   T.


1.       Command – g

2.       Drone – f

3.       Headset – d

4.       Interactive whiteboard – e

5.       Keyboard shortcut – j

6.       Multi-touch – c

7.       Scanner – i

8.       Stylus – a

9.       Touchpad – b

10.   Voice recognition – h

Problem solving

Smart TV issues: buffering videos are caused by slow internet connections. There is not much can be done to easily fix this issue other than to reset the wi-fi modems or upgrade to a better package.

Touch gestures not working: reboot the phone, perform the cleaning activities. The multi-touch capability might have been malfunctioned. If the problem persists, consider replacing the touch screen.

Malfunctioning Earbud: if one side of your earbud stops, it is advisable that you purchase a new pair of earbuds, because it is likely that one side of the earbuds have completely malfunctioned.

Fingerprints Not Recognized: try wiping your fingers clean. There might be some factors interfering with the recognition process of the sensor. If the problem persists, contact the system administrator for him to reset the system.

Monitor Reversed: if the operating system on the computer is Windows 10, it might have been accidentally designated the other monitor as the main computer screen. You can modify the settings in Windows 10 to get the primary monitor to be your desired one.

Internet Research – Online Social Networks

Soundcloud: any users can upload any contents online with the just an account registration. Some artists allow you to download their music freely as a compressed file. I listen

Spotify: only artists who signed contracts can publish their contents onto the site. Users can still create their own playlists which contain the artists’ published contents. Shows concerts and tour dates, along with their albums and other contents that they are featured on.

I went to B.B King website and listened to blues music.