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ITS 230




1.       F. Storage devices can be categorized as storage devices.

2.       F. A storage medium is non-volatile.

3.       T.

4.       F. On storage media, a higher density means less storage capacity.

5.       F. Despite of current standards, head crashes still occur.

6.       F. The access time of a hard disk can be 100 times slower than a SSD.

7.       T.

8.       T.

9.       T.

10.   F. When you are done using a flash drive, you should “eject” it in the OS first, then eject it physically after it has been deemed safe.

11.   F. Mini discs work in standard sized optical-disc drives and do not require a separate mini disc drive.

12.   T.


1.       Capacity – c

2.       Controller – d

3.       Longitudinal recording – a

4.       Network attached storage – b

5.       Reading – j

6.       Ripping – h

7.       Sequential access - i

8.       Solid-state media – e

9.       Thumb drive – f

10.   Writing – g

Problem solving

Unrecognized storage device: the external storage might be an unrecognizable format. This can be adjusted when attached to a Windows OS beforehand.

Second hard drive connection: identify the cable type by view the motherboard. Two cable types are SATA and PATA.

Incompatible memory card: purchase a card reader that is compatible with your memory card. It comes with a USB cord to connect to the computer.

Inaccessible files: the computer that you are using might not be able to synchronize with the server, or the computer where you last put the files that you are attempting to view then did not synchronize and upload the files onto the server properly.

Media not support: purchase an optical disc reader that comes with a USB cord. This would enable your computer to read CD and DVD files.

Internet research

I used Google to search for my names. There are multiple names that hit, but none of those people are me. I have looked for my name at the UW-Superior and the Wisconsin Circuit Court Database. My name shows up on both database, but nothing else is sensitive information that is concerning.