Adrian Leal


ITS 335 Web Page Authoring

HCH1 Introduction to the Internet and Web Design

Chapter 1

Lab 1

DCH1 Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Chapter 1

Project 1

HCH2 Building a Webpage Template with HTML5

Chapter 2

Lab 2

DCH2 Developing a Web Page

Chapter 2

Project 2

HCH3 Enhancing a Webpage with Links and Images

Chapter 3

Lab 3

DCH3 Working with Text and Cascading Style Sheets

Chapter 3

Project 3

HCH4 Applying CSS Styles to Webpages

Chapter 4

Lab 4

DCH4 Adding Images

Chapter 4

Project 4

HCH5 Responsive Design Part I: Designing for Mobile Devices

Chapter 5

Lab 5

DCH5 Working with Links and Navigation

Chapter 5

Project 5

HCH6 Responsive Design Part 2: Designing for Tablet and Desktop Devices

Chapter 6

Lab 6

HCH7 Improving Web Design with New Page Layouts

Chapter 7

Lab 7

HCH8 Creating Tables and Forms

Chapter 8

Lab 8

HCH9 Integrating Audio and Video

Chapter 9

Lab 9

HCH10  Creating Interactivity with Social Media and JavaScript

Chapter 10

Lab 10

HCH11 Publish and Promote a Website

Chapter 11

Lab 11

HC12 Maintaining a Website

Chapter 12

Lab 12


Final Project - Superior FC





ITS 370 Imformation Security

CH1 Introduction to Information Security


CH2 The Need for Security


CH3 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Information Security


CH4 Planning for Security


CH5 Risk Management


CH6 Security Technology: Access Controls, Firewalls and VPNs


CH7 Security Technology


CH8 Cryptography


CH9 Physical Security

CH10 Implementing Information Security

CH11 Security and Personnel

CH12 Information Security Maintenance


Final Project


ITS 380-001 Global E-commerce Systems


CH1 The Revolution Is Just Beginning

CH2 E-commerce Business Models and Concepts

CH3 E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform

CH4 Building anE-commerce Presence: Web Sites, Mobile Sites, and Apps

CH5 E-commerce Security and Payment Systems

CH6 E-commerce Marketing and Advertaising Concepts

CH7 Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing

CH8 Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-commerce

CH9 Online Retail and Services

CH10 Online Content and Media

CH11 Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals

CH12 B2B E-commerce: Supply chain Management and Collaborative Commerce


Final Project