Adrian Leal

ITS 380-001


CH1: The Revolution Is Just Beginning


Case Study Questions

1.      Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

Pinterest defines itself as a tool to discover and save potential purchases and ideas. Google is considered the main dominant search tool, for that reason it is considered its primary competitor.

2.      Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

The vast majority of Pinterest’s traffic activity it is originated by mobile devices, considering that most of its activity comes from mobile devices, it makes sense that they focus on the smartphone platform when developing new featues and products.

3.      Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Copyright infringement is a potential issue for Pinterest because the users post pictures from other people without any kind of permit. This is causing Pinterest some problems, furthermore, they are having similar issues with videos posted from YouTube and similar sources.


1.      What is e-commerce? How does it differ from e-business? Where does it intersect with e-business?

E-commerce involves digitally transaction between and among companies and customers. E-business includes the digital transactions within a firm, with no commercial transactions. They intersect when e-business realizes any transaction with a different organization such as suppliers.


5.      What are three benefits of universal standards?

-          Universal standards reduce the price of the products for customers and the costs for businesses.

-          Reduce search cost for customers, which is the effort required to find suitable products.

-          Makes easier to share things, for instance, anyone can open a URL from a different country and find the information he was looking for.


10.  How are e-commerce technologies similar to or different from other technologies that have changed commerce in the past?

I believe the Internet, e-commerce, is changing the commerce at a faster pace than other technologies did in the past. Radio helped to reach to a big portion of the population and audio commercials, television helped to reach the whole population and to keep them watching big events, such as the Super Bowl, where companies placed their commercials to reach a big percentage of the population showing them their products and services. However, none of these technologies was neither 100% global, nor could realize transaction there. That is why I think e-commerce is more powerful and it is increasing faster than previous technologies.


15.  Discuss the ways in which the early years of e-commerce can be considered both a success and a failure.

The early years of e-commerce can be considered as a success since the growth of it has been greater that similar technologies in the past that have changed commerce. Furthermore, this trend is expected to continue during the following years and e-commerce will end up representing a big percentage of our economy. Some failures of e-commerce are regulations and security. People publish more and more information about themselves on the Internet, and even though it does not look like the information that we provide is easily accessible, it actually is. It does not feel that security mechanisms have increased as much as e-commerce has.


Given the development and history of e-commerce in the years from 1995-2015, what do you predict we will see during the next five years of e-commerce? Describe some of the technological, business, and societal shifts that may occur as the Internet continues to grow and expand. Prepare a brief presentation or written report to explain your vision of what e-commerce will look like in 2019.

E-commerce is increasing potentially every year, and this tendency is going to continue during the following years. The image attached to the next page shows the future predictions from India. India is expected to double its e-commerce in only five years from 2015 to 2020. As India, I expect that the rest of the world follows this tendency.

This evolution is changing the way consumers buy and the way business sale their products and services. Every year the volume of sales that customer make online increase. A good example of this is how Amazon and other websites are continuosly increasing their sales.  My expectations are that by 2019, mostly of the population will make most of their buying operations online, from buying groceries and clothes to buy a TVs and furniture. This change will also change the labor demand, for instance, the demand of cashier will be reduced but the number of people that knows how to manage a website and sell online will increase, and that is already happening today.

Some people would say that the world is moving to a world “dominated by computers”, but I do not see that way. I think technology if it is well used, is facilitating our life, and has found the “convenience”, this word that is used more and more every day by multinational companies and marketing strategies, that the customers and the society were looking for.