Adrian Leal

ITS 380-001


Chapter 4


Case Study


1.      When compared to traditional desktop customers, why are mobile phone users much more likely to book a room or airline reservation the same day?

The main reason why a mobile phone customer would be much more likely to book a room or airline reservation the same day is because the convenience that a mobile device gives, it is easy to do it, fast, and secure.


2.      In the mobile design project of 2011, why did Orbitz management decide to construct a mobile web site for corporate users than a native app?

Orbitz identified corporate users as potential users and customers for the app. These subjects had mobile devices and were travelling a lot, so designing a mobile app for these customers was a great idea that allowed Orbitz to reach them and improve their customer experience.


3.      Why has Orbitz decided to go with native apps for each mobile platform (iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire) instead of a single mobile Web site as it did with the Orbitz for Business mobile site?

A mobile app is more accessible and easier to use than a mobile Web site. They did they research and they found that a mobile app for each mobile platform would be the easier way to connect with their customers.


4.      What issues does syncing recent users searches across devices pose?

Syncing previous searches facilities a user to continue his/her search when he/she left it, which is a great a convenience for the customer. However, the app has access to private information of the user constantly, so the main issue of syncing the userís devices is privacy.




1.      What are the main factors to consider when developing an e-commerce presence?

The main factors to consider when developing an e-commerce business are the same factors that when developing a traditional business, the only difference is that location is not needed. Therefore, management, the design of the site, costs, and employees needed are factors to consider.


5.      Compare the costs for system development and system maintenance. Which is more expensive, and why?

Maintenance is more expensive than the development service because a site change rapidly, and it needs to be revised and maintained constantly.



10. Why is Web server bandwidth an important issue for e-commerce sites?

The bandwidth is an important issue for e-commerce sites because they need to make sure that their servers can support a great amount of customers at the same time, otherwise, the web site would crash and their reliability would be damaged.


15. What are some of the policies e-commerce business must develop before launching a site, and why must they develop?

Some of the most important policies an e-commerce business must develop before launching a site are the policies about consumer information retention and privacy of the clients. They will have access to a lot of information about the people that visit its website and the clients must know that their information will not be used against them.

20. How does responsive Web design differ from adaptive Web delivery?

Both of them adapt to any browser and any width but the difference between them is the way they do it. A responsive Web design responds its form to the browser, for example if you minimize your browser the layout will minimize in a proportional way. An adaptive Web delivery, on the other hand, adapts to the width of the browser, and adapts its width to the browserís width.




3. Imagine that you are in charge of developing a fast-growing start-upís e-commerce presence. Consider your option for building the companyís e-commerce presence in-house with existing staff, or outsourcing the entire operation. Decide which strategy you believe is in your companyís best interest and create a brief presentation outlining your position. Why choose that approach? And what are the estimated associated costs, compared with the alternative?

††††††††††† I would develop the start-up with existing staff instead of outsourcing the entire operation. If my company is in charge of that operation, I want to prove the quality and value of my company, and I do not want to leave in someone elseís hands the reputation of my company.

††† If I had a company of this kind, I would make sure I am surrounded of professional that can perform a great job and solve our customerís necessities. Outsourcing should be done for simple operation, for example, it does make sense that companies outsource the production of they components that they need to build a computer, but they do not outsource the complete operation.

††† If my staff does the work we would have control of the entire operation, direct contact with the customer, and have a better outcome. On the other hand, if an outsourced company does the work, they will work fast to have it done as soon as possible to get pay, and you do not want your company to be known as a company that does not care about the customer. Maybe we can save some money if you outsource the operation, realize more websites to other companies, and make more money but the image of the company, in the long run, would be damaged and no one will contract our services.