Ayesha Rajbhandari

Homework 2


What would you do?


It is not a bad thing that to get emails from the second job. I would reply the emails if I am free with my first job or on my break time but it is not appropriate to just reply the emails and ignore the work of the first job.


If my roommate from college would add some extra IT stuff which he had never experienced, on his resume, then I would tell him to remove it because he will be hired on the basis of that resume. There might be in a case that he will be hired on a position he was never experienced about. I would be the one who recommended him, therefore I would tell him to remove the stuff he wrote in his resume that he had never done.



1. The customers who was already a member might have backed out and the future customer would not even try to be part of it because the company lied about their accounting.

2. Yes, management should encourage the reporting of non-GAAP financial measures that may be useful to investors because the customers and other related people will see the clear picture of what is going on in the company.

3. There should be a formal procedure identified as to how yearend verifications will be conducted by the management teams of service companies to put in place to ensure that there is no improper accounting of multiyear contracts.


1.  The workers should be good at their communication skills and problem solving skills to get the job well done. The company wants to make sure that examinees not only have core knowledge but also know how to use that knowledge.   

2. Some CIO and vice presidents of technology assert that many employers use certification as a means of training employees and increasing skill levels within the company. Some companies are even using certification as a perk to attract and keep good employees. Such companies may also enhance their employee training programs by offering a job-rotation program through which workers can acquire certification and experience as well.

3. Employers are making good use of certification as a hiring gate both for entry-level positions and for jobs that require specific core knowledge.