Ayesha Rajbhandari

Chapter 4

What would you do?

1.      I would say no because at the end the guy might sue me for going against his privacy for installing app.

2.      I would not advice my friend to use her pictures on the dating site neither do the surveys and give her information because you should not completely trust these dating websites. There might be someone who can harm you or is stalking you forever which can hamper your whole life.


Facebook troubles with user privacy

1.      I think it is userís responsible for the privacy issues related to using Facebook. First of all user should not post each and everything on Facebook about their life and making it visible to everyone. Users should be able to know who are they sharing their pictures.

2.      Facebook should install a privacy like if someone wants to take the information like the userís picture, when they copy the picture the owner of the picture should approve it first. Even if they take a picture of the picture, there should be a sign that the person stole the picture.

3.      The privacy issue like steeling the picture and making a Facebook page with my face on it and taking all my information and posting bad stuff about it as if it is me.


Google collects unprotected wireless network information.

1.      Facebook had pushed the boundaries of privacy issues, apologizing and then pushing again once the scandal dies down.

2.      Google gathered unprotected network information was simply to provide accurate location. Maybe they were looking for how much people use their location service, they might offer to expand the location service by more clear version of it. Like you can clearly see peopleís face.

3.      The accuracy of the street view was very accurate. This sort of things delights me because you can see the street view what it looks like sitting in a chair in your room.