Ayesha Rajbhandari

chapter 5


What would you do?

1. first I would scold my nephew for even thinking of posting the girl's picture online. i would tell him the consequences he and the girl faces. I would also tell him that don't play with a girl's life, she might end up bad if he does that.

2. I would tell my friend who moved to china to stop the work he is doing. it is unethical and it will have lots of consequences in the future if he gets caught. If he is caught posting comments on behalf of the government, it might take a big legal action. therefore, I would tell him to stay out of it.



Facebook, Freedom of Speech, Defamation, and Cyberbullying

1. Facebook is protected from liability for content posted by third parties as the views are not of Facebook or its employees. people might think Facebook should be protected from liability for what the members post. Social media is a huge collection of people, it is very difficult to censor content or moderate content by the organization

2. In some of the schools, Facebook or another social media is banned from their network. And in some schools’ students are being rusticated due to unwanted post. Even the instructor has to be afraid to post something on Facebook. There is no freedom of speech outside the class room.

3. There are a lot of cases where students are getting bullied and they commit suicide. The law should be very strict so that the people who bullies gets a bad punishment. Therefore, Taylor Wynn and McKenzie barker should prosecute despite the victim's attitude that the teasing would pass.


Lawsuits Aimed at Yelp and Its Reviewers

1. I just saw that most of the reviews were positive. That restaurant got 5 stars and I have been to that restaurant the reviews looks all true. If I was the owner of the website I would not delete anything, I would let the viewers know the truth of their search.

2. The local business owner might bribe the website owner to remove the negative reviews or they might contact the person who wrote that to remove the review. Once my friend did not get his stuff in eBay, he wrote a bad review about it. but eBay offered him the cash back and a brand new same stuff he offered. Once he deleted the review he got his money back and he got the stuff too.

3. There might be a lot of risk on posting reviews. the owner might find the person and threaten them.

anything can happen so posting reviews are very risky.