Ayesha Rajbhandari

Homework 3

What would you do?


As a member of the firm, if I see such a threat I would report the website and try to shut it down. I would also make an awareness about such a threat and make sure everybody knows about it.


I would not panic because of the blackmail, I would talk with my senior co-workers and my boss about and get the solution.



Anonymous and social hacktivism

1.       I would not join the anonymous team because I would not want my career to end by doing the job and it would be very hard to get another job too.

2.       The anonymous actions in support of WikiLeaks were illegal and unethical. And I think their action to set the satellite transmission stations across Syria is ethical because the people over their needs to know internet and what is going on in the world which their government is not willing to provide.

3.       It is a very serious threat that anonymous pose to organization and government websites because it will be a big problem for the government and the customers will not again trust them and come back to do business with them


Computer forensics

1.       In the New York subway bomber and San Francisco bay oil spill the FBI was able to find out the main cause and who were involved in the case. They found out evidence from the personís laptop and tracked all the things he tried to buy in the cosmetic shop.

2.       Computer forensic can easily find out what you did and what you searched for in the computer. Therefore, it is the most effective way to prevent the crimes.

3.       There should be more computer related training and investigation training.