Chapter 1.

3 à I could be misinterpreting the email. Therefore, I would confront in front of her about the email and ask her if she really going to leave the job then start to find a replacement.

 6 àI would not reword the resume to make it sound as if I were actually employed and I had more responsibility because I would not blindfold my employers about my experience.


Case 1-  IBM

1.       There was three program that was used to track waste from the disposals and reliance on the chemicals, and during the manufacturing process the amount of toxic was released. 


2.        The IBM is trying to find to reduce energy use, conserve water resources, create energy efficient products, spearhead safety in the use of nanotechnology, and combat climate change. It is also focused on the use of environmentally preferable substances and materials, and it continues to work to reduce or eliminate its reliance on heavy metals and carcinogens.



3.       The company helps online brainstorming and engages a wide range of stakeholders. Since 2001, this platform has not only facilitated the collaboration of 300,000 IBM employees from all over the world, but it has also brought thousands of people from government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and educational institutions together to identify and address the world’s greatest challenges. Therefore, the IT giant has set challenging goals for itself in other areas of CSR.


Case 2. Ethical and Business Setbacks for Nokia

1. Nokia took a good decision by taking its decision from Germany to Romania and to Asia because the company was going on a loss, in order to save the company they moved it to Iran but there was an issue of privacy of the people, but at least they did not sell the company.

2. Nokia’s customer base in Europe and Iran reacting to the company’s decisions by withdrawing patronage by showing they don’t agree the company’s decision. They can show it by not using their phone, making them go into loss. If they give customers more satisfaction of their product they will support them.

3. the unethical decision made by the company can affect the accountability as well as they can go into loss. Nokia already lost a lot of customers which made them keep their investigation secret