Ayesha Rajbhandari

What would you do?

1.You are beginning to feel very uncomfortable in your new position as a computer hardware salesperson for a firm that is the major competitor of your previous employer. Today, for the second time, someone has mentioned to you how valuable it would be to know what the marketing and new product development plans were of your ex employer. You stated that you are unable to discuss such information under the nondisclosure contract signed with your former employer, but you know your response did not satisfy your new coworkers. You fear that the pressure to reveal information about the plans of your former company is only going to increase over the next few weeks. What do you do?

Ans: I am in a new job; I will feel uncomfortable but I will try to love the new job because this is my job and I must like it and do the work perfectly.

I cannot just do any mistake in my new job. I will try to understand the functioning of the new hardware and software. I will solve the problem that I have come upon on time.

2. You have been asked to lead your company’s new competitive intelligence organization. What would you do to ensure that members of the new organization obey applicable laws and the company’s own ethical policies?

Ans: as a new leader of the intelligence organization, I would tell them to obey applicable laws and the company’s own ethical policies is that I will conduct first a seminar about the acceptable ethical behavior of an employee for them to understand what should be their action and how to interact correctly with their co-worker and clients.



1.      I think google should have taken a different approach that would it to avoid the lengthy delay in implementing the book search library project. If court would approve its project, then there will be advantage for both the parties but if it will be breaking the regulations.

2.      Yes, I will be in favor of the book search library project. It will help in my studies and future reference.

3.      I don’t think google will get unfair advantage from the library because they will be fair in profit from creating online book service. The publisher and the author will be profited from the online books too. Everybody knows google and the google books will be famous worldwide too.

Alice Case Raises Concerns for the Future of IT Software Patents

1.      An idea should unique and feasible to everyone. It should be something that will improve in the field in which it is. I think pre roll advertisement should not be patentable. It does not improve or contribute in the issue.

2.      Patent troll are not justified on their action. Patent is supposed to be innovative but this is only misused. If the idea of innovation is good they are not providing the means of reward. They should take legal action against it.

3.      It depends on loose validation and strong validation.