Ayesha Rajbhandari

ITS 370

Sep 22nd, 2017


1      The following are the different threat categories the attack falls into:

·      Deliberate acts of trespass

·      Deliberate act of vandalism

·      Deliberate act of vandalism


2      Mafia boy’s exploits is a 15-year-old high school student who was arrested for the computer attacks. The internet was flooded with the news of the attack on the ecommerce in February. The Canadian suspect was known by his online nickname Mafia boy who attacked cable news network’s website. The boy was charged with two criminal mischief for an attack on February 8. He was in the jail for two years and he was also charged for $1000.


3      The information which will help a security administrator to protect a communications system are:

There are some tools that was designed to identify the computer system and network security one of them is SATAN (Security Administrator tool for analyzing networks) which is used by the hackers to get into the system. There is also a Trajan horse software program that replaces and mimics an existing function.


4.  There are a lot of viruses targeting mobile devices some of them are:

·      Vishing, smishing and voice spam: it’s a message sent by the hacker saying click here to see the full message and getting the access through that.

·      Denial of service(DoS) affecting voice infrastructure: the storm worm was infected a lot of broadband users which affect the carrier infrastructure. The more functionality and mobile applications carriers delivered more people were being fool of it.



à A hoax makes people believe that something is real when it is not.


Malicious code

à it is an attack which includes the execution of viruses, Trojan horse and active web scripts with the intent to destroy or steal information.


Password crack

à it is a technique using software to test all possible combination to get into the system.