Ayesha Rajbhandari
Nov 17th, 2017





Create a first draft of a WBS from the following scenario. Make assumptions as needed based on the section about project planning considerations and constraints in this chapter. In your WBS, describe the skills sets required for the tasks you have planned. (Scenario can be found on page 576 of the textbook).





Start & end dates

Effort hours

Capital expense

Non-capital expence


Contact network team if the hardware device will work

Network engineers






Purchasing web filters

Network engineer and purchasing group






Install hardware and software components

Outside vendors








If you have access to a commercial project management software, such as Microsoft Project, use it to complete a project plan based on the data shown in Table 10-2. Prepare a simple WBS report or Gantt chart that shows your work.

I was not able to access the commercial management software.



Write a job description for Kelvin Urich, the project manager described in the opening vignette of this chapter. Be sure to identify key characteristics of the ideal candidate, as well as work experience and educational background. Also, justify why your job description is suitable for potential candidates in this position.


Project manager Kelvin Urich


Job description:

·      Implements the organization’s information security policies and procedure

·      Coordinate the activities of the information security committee

·      Provide direct security information to employee, contractors, alliances, and other third parties

·      Monitors information security technologies

·      Serves as the information security liaison for users of clinical, administrative and behavioral systems.

·      Monitors change in legislation and accreditation standards that affect information security.



·      Bachelor’s degree with certification

·      Experience in project management and change management

·      Knowledge of information security and access technologies

·      Knowledge of database application, spreadsheet design and report writing software



Search the Web for job descriptions of project managers. You can use any number of Web sites, including www.monster.com or www.dice.com, to find at least 10 IT-related job descriptions. What common elements do you find among the job descriptions? What is the most unusual characteristic among them?


Project manager- job description

The common elements are:


·      Managing and organizing the team.

·      Maintain pans and tracks of the software development and make them visible to management

·      Managing multiple projects at a time

·      Cooperating and working with co-project managers who are working in remaining projects

Usual characteristics among the job description:

·      The tasks those are specific to their companies

·      Handling their own and self-development products

·      Collaborating with customers

·      Experience as per their requirement

·      Knowledge in the software and management tools