Ayesha Rajbhandari
CH 8

1. Go to a popular online e-commerce site like Amazon.com. Place several items in your shopping cart, and then go to check out. When you reach the screen that asks for your credit card number, right-click on the Web browser and select “Properties.” What can you find out about the cryptosystems and protocols in use to protect this transaction?

à I went to amazon.com, then when I reached the screen that ask my credit card number, when I right clicked the web browser and selected the properties the protocol used to protect amazon transaction is security certification of hypertext transfer protocol and 128-bit encryption with 1024-bit rate. I also went to eBay and did the same steps, it shows that they have the same http protocol but with different connection.


2. Repeat exercise 1 on a different Web site. Does this site use the same or different protocols? Describe them.

à. I also went to eBay and did the same steps, it shows that they have the same http protocol but with different connection. There were a lot of protection same as the amazon websites. the websites have given the buyers/customers a lot of protection since all the transactions are done online without knowing anyone.


3. Perform a Web search for “Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (powered by PGP Technology).” Download and install the trial version. Using the tool and your favorite e-mail program, send a PGP-signed e-email to your instructor. What looks different in this e-mail compared with your other e-mails?

à  The Symantec desktop email cryptography provides email cryptography resolution which routinely encrypts and decrypts emails between the shoppers. The emails are always encrypted. The Symantec desktop email also uses keys to cipher, sign, decrypt and verify the messages. When we install the Symantec desktop email it will allow us to create a PGP key pair.


4. Perform a Web search for “Announcing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).” Read this document, which is a FIPS 197 standard. Write a short overview of the development and implementation of this cryptosystem.

è  Advanced encryption standard is used to specify the algorithm which is cryptographic in nature which protects the electronic data. It encrypts and decrypts the information.  The encryption converts the data in decrypted format called cipher text. All the people need the security in their data.


5. Search the Web for “stenographic tools.” What do you find? Download and install a trial version of one of the tools. Embed a short text file within an image. In a side-by-side comparison, can you tell the difference between the original image and the image with the embedded file?

è the steganography tools are used to hide the data into pictures using the algorithm. There were tools like open puff, portable steganography, file off standard edition, Trojan, invisible, text hide etc. when I put two pictures together, there were no visible difference. Both of the pictures look same and there is no trace of message which can be observed from the naked eye.