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What is Social Neworking?

Social networking is the practice of expanding or making connections through individuals through social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. there are many pro and cons of using social media where pros include easy instant communication, connect to other people easily, information discovery, opportunities for business but the cons are information overwhelm, a lot of privacy issues, social peer pressure and cyber bullying, having Your Identity Stolen.

 Things to avoid :

·       Avoid posting specific travel plans. Never post when, where, or how long you’ll be gone.

·       Wait until you are home to post pictures to a vacation album.

·       Use highest privacy control. Only let certain groups, like a family group, view your photos.

·       Be selective with the status updates. You can use an audience-selector dropdown menu on Facebook to choose certain groups to see your status updates.

·       Stay offline. You’re on vacation, after all. Relax and forget about the online world for a few days.

To keep yourself and your information safe, pay careful attention to your online activity. Avoid posting information including:

·       Travel plans

·       Bank account information

·       Your full address and birthdate

·       Your children’s’ names, school, and birthdates

·       Location information, such as the name of your work place

·       Your daily schedule

You can still use social networks for all they were meant to accomplish, but you need to take extra precautions to make sure your personal information doesn’t get in the wrong hands. Know what threats you are most vulnerable to and take steps to protect yourself and your networks.

Website by: Ayesha Rajbhandari
University of Wisconsin- Superior
ITS 370

Instructor: Shin-Ping Tucker