Visit one of the social networks listed in Table 11.1 and compare it to Facebook. In what ways is it similar to Facebook, and in what ways is it different? Which do you prefer, and why?

I used Hi5 before I used Facebook. All my friends used to use that social media, so I started to use the Hi5 too. I opened Hi5 when I was in grade 7. It was really fancy, we could change the background, post picture, comment and chat through comment. In 2009, I opened Facebook account. I liked Facebook more than Hi5. Slowly I started to be more on Facebook. Then, I deactivated my Hi5 account. It was being outdated. Nobody used Hi5 when the Facebook came in the market. Facebook was lot more easily to use and connect with my friends that’s why I use Facebook now.


Visit one for-profit-sponsored and one nonprofit-sponsored social network. Create a presentation to describe and demonstrate the offering at each site. What organizational objectives is each pursuing? How is the for-profit company using community-building technologies as a customer relations management tool?


A for-profit sponsored social network is Facebook. It reported fourth-quarter profits of $701m, a 34% increase on the same period a year ago. Advertising revenue grew by 53% to $3.59, with nearly 70% of that coming from mobile ad sales. The social networking giant said it now has 1.39 billion active users each month, a 13% increase from a year ago. 

A nonprofit-sponsored social network are UNICEF and American Red Cross. They help with disaster relief and emergencies. NPM is designed to help prepare people for emergencies. By jumping in on that hashtag, they’re exposing more people to the cause.