Ch8 Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-Commerce


1.       Go to Google and find the Advanced Search link. Examine its SafeSearch filtering options. Surf the Web in search of content that could be considered objectionable for children using each of the options. What are the pros and cons of such restrictions? Are there terms that could be considered inappropriate to the filtering software but be approved by parents? Name five questionable terms. 

I searched in google for the advanced search link and I found its filtering options. It is very helpful for the parents to not allow their children not to use unwanted websites and search for unwanted things unappropriated for their age. It is a very nice way to take control of the children. But, however if a child wants to search for something inappropriate then he will anyhow go to friend’s house or cyber café to search for the things. It is not controllable.


2.      Develop a list of privacy protection features that should be present if a Web site is serious about protecting privacy. Then, visit at least four well-known Web sites and examine their privacy policies. Write a report that rates each of the Web sites on the criteria you have developed.

The list of Privacy protection features are passwords, privacy seal, secure browser, http cookies and device fingerprinting.

 Websites with privacy policies are google, online banking, online shopping, amazon.