In August 2014, Amazon announced that it was going to purchase Twitch, which lets users stream their video game session, for almost $1 billion. Why would Amazon spend so much money on Twitch?

Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million in cash, noting that in just three years it's built a platform that attracts millions of visitors every month. Twitch obviously has the potential to make a lot of money if it's attracting buyers like Google and Amazon. The rising prominence of Amazon as a video game vendor provides a powerful incentive for the company to better integrate itself into gaming culture and promote itself in services commonly used by gamers. Twitch helps accomplish both those goals.

Identify a popular online magazine that also has an offline subscription or newsstand edition. What advantages (and disadvantages) does the online edition have when compared to the offline physical edition? Has technology platform, content design or industry structure convergence occurred in the online magazine industry? Prepare a short report discussing this issue.

Pocket magazine and Mysubs are the two magazine which also has an offline subscription. There are several advantages of going digital. With digital magazines, institutions can skip altogether the costly and time-consuming printing process (as well as the increasing postage costs). It becomes possible to cover events in a timelier manner. However, there are also some disadvantages with digital magazines. With so much information – and so many distractions – available on the Web, there’s a bigger chance to miss the reader.