Drawing on material in the chapter and your own research, prepare a short paper describing your views on the major social and legal issues facing online retailers.

In the market of online business, the retailers are facing a huge problems. There are many websites which are fake which is making the consumers not believe in the online purchase. The most significant new legal issues created by online retailing relate to consumer privacy and data security in light of the volume of personally identifiable data (i.e., data that can identify a person or a mobile device) collected in such transactions. This data is often shared with third parties delivering content, display ads or performing data analyses in connection with online transactions. Privacy issues are magnified by the widespread use of mobile devices and mobile apps, which store and use personal data in more complex ways than internet browser software, and consequently may pose a greater security risk.


Together with a teammate, investigate the use of mobile apps in the online retail or financial services industries. Prepare a short joint presentation on your findings.

Technology has drastically altered the way businesses manage their customer base and engage consumers. The best thing about mobile apps is that they are very simple and easy to use. All mobile users have to do is download them on their mobile devices, launch and use them whenever they want. They don’t have to learn some difficult, long, drawn-out software before they put your app to use. Because they’re so simple to use, the learning curve associated with them is usually just a few minutes. In other words, your app will start working for your business within moments of mobile users downloading them. Consumers have quick access to important features that can help them do business with you more effortlessly.