5.  Kevin Mitnick was arrested by the FBI on charges of wire fraud and breaking into computer systems of multiple large corporations. Mitnick claimed to have done this using “social engineering”. He didn’t use any hacking software or tools to help him. Mitnick was able manipulate people and use information he gathered to get more confidential and useful information.

6.  iterative development makes progress throughout development and implements the improvements into the software. Incremental development delivers finished software in pieces and does not plan on improving the finished software. Agile development uses both techniques to provide improvement on iterations of their software development and deliver completed software throughout development.



Case Exercises:

1.      The event could’ve been caused by an insider, outsider, or both. If someone were to bring a USB or some device to cause the virus from inside, they could get the virus on all computers. An outsider could use the companies email or information to get one of the staff to open the virus. This would be a combination of an outsider and an insider.

2.      SLS had to install new virus and worm control software. They need to maintain up-to-date software to ensure maximum security. They need to install firewall if they do not have it and update it when needed.

3.      The attack was a security problem. This is usually caused by a virus and not by a worm. The virus can cause security issues and breakthrough the security.

Ethical Decision Making:

1.      It would not be ethical for Amy to open the file. That is private information that may have been compromised. The information could be very dangerous if it were known by hackers or people who commit fraud.

2.      The best thing to do would be her to flag it and report the email in case their information has been compromised. If it was compromised, they could then try to trace it back to the source and see if they can secure the information.