3. Write a job description for Kelvin Urich, the project manager described in the opening vignette of this chapter. Be sure to identify key characteristics of the ideal candidate, as well as work experience and educational background. Also, justify why your job description is suitable for potential candidates of this position.

Kelvin Urich

Job title: Project Manager

Job description:†

-          Responsible for managing projects and the teams that work on them.

-          Lead the information security team and delegate tasks.

-          Provide plans to employees about information security.

-          Monitor the technology and systems implemented


† ††††††††† †- Bachelorís degree or higher.

- Certifications in information security.

- Experience with information security and the systems.

4. Search the Web for job descriptions of project managers. You can use any number of Web sites, including www.monster.com or www.dice.com, to find at least 10 IT related job descriptions. What common elements do you find among the job descriptions? What is the most unusual characteristic among them?

Being able to lead and work on teams is a common characteristic. Understand technology and information security is a must. Most of the jobs want someone who can analyze the systems in place and find the security risks. They also want someone who can create a plan on how to fix the problem.


Discussion Questions

1.      What project management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting?

Kelvin should make is plan easier to understand. It has to many changes and pushes them too quickly. He should also make a plan that gives everyone tasks to do. He needs to delegate work and not try to come up with everything on his own.

2.      What change management tasks should kelvin perform before his next meeting, and how do these tasks fit within the project management process?

†††††††††† Kelvin had tried to change too much too quickly. The employees werenít ready for the fast change and couldnít keep up. Kelvin should try to tone down the change management process, by starting with gradual steps toward his goal. He also needs to keep his workers informed of any changes that are being made and how to deal with this moving forward.

3.      Had you been in Kelvinís place, what would you have done differently to prepare for the meeting?

I would have come up with alternative ideas if the plan wasnít making sense to everyone. Kelvin had one plan coming in and it didnít seem that great. I would have also prepared real data that shows what needs to be changed. Having data to back up what youíre saying can help everyone accept the changes.

Ethical Decision Making

Do you think Kelvin has had an ethical lapse by cherry-picking the data for his presentation?

He changed the data to make his proposal look better. This is an ethical lapse because he is trying to steer the company and employees down the wrong road. Heís not giving the factual data and he is lying to all of them.

Suppose that instead of choosing data from the range provided by the consultant, Kelvin simply made up better numbers for his favorite initiatives. Is this an ethical lapse?

Yes, Kelvin should give the consultant the actual data. The consultant is there to give advice on the actual data. If kelvin changes the data, the consultant is not needed in the first place.

Suppose kelvin prioritized the list of his preferences. Kelvin planned to provide his friend with internal design specifications. Has Kelvin committed an ethical lapse?

Yes, Kelvin prioritizing his friendís products for his projects is wrong. They might not even work or be good for the company. He is simply doing it because he is Kelvinís friend.