1.      Search the Web for the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). In your own words, what is the forumís mission?

There were many undocumented incidents of networks being impacted by hackers or other threats. FIRST was made to combat these incidents. The members of FIRST work to combat these attacks and secure vulnerabilities in systems. FIRST brings members together from all different government and commercial sectors.

2.      Search the Web for two or more sites that discuss the ongoing responsibilities of the security manager. What other components of security management can be adapted for use in the security management model?

What does a security manager do? - https://www.yourfreecareertest.com/security-manager/

Security Manager Job description - https://www.jobisjob.com/security+manager/job-description


There are five major topics addressed by the security manager: fault management, name management, accounting management, performance management, and security management. Another component that could be adapted is data privacy. Training the employees to know about their data and how to keep it secure.


Discussion Questions

1.      What area of the SP 800-100 management maintenance model addresses the actions of the content filter described here?

Content management and Configuration management both address the actions of the content filter. Content management is able to filter and manage decisions. Configuration management involves five steps to do this: identifying, change request, implementing decision, implement change request, and continuous monitoring.

2.      What recommendations would you give SLS for how it might select a security management maintenance model?

SLS could create an outline of what the goals of the organization really are. They could also ask the employees who work there what they think needs to be improved or changed. Getting feedback and having an outline would make it easier to see which model would fit best.


Ethical Decision Making

Do you think that this kind of action is unethical because Charlie knows he is leaving soon?

It isnít necessarily unethical for him to tell her to come back to meet in 2 or 3 weeks. It is immature to not be straight forward and tell her he wonít be meeting with her. He should tell her heís leaving and someone else will handle her request.