1.       Assume that your organization is planning to have an automated server room that functions without human assistance. Such room is often called a lights-out server room. Describe the fire control system(s) you would install in that room.

The server room is one of the most valuable rooms in most companies. It would cost them a lot if there was a fire and no one was around. A fire system can be installed to detect this and to extinguish the fire before it causes damage. I would have a gas fire suppression system. There would also be smoke detection and alarms to alert people of the fire.

6.     Search the Web for a UPS that provides the wattage necessary to run the systems described in Exercise 5 for at least 15 minutes during a power outage.

        Uninterrupted Power Supply requires a certain amount of wattage to run properly. After searching the Web, I found the three systems would need the following wattage:

a.       240 VA hours

b.      300 VA hours

c.       340 VA hours

Discussion Questions

1.      Based on this case study, what security awareness measures, training documents, and posters had an impact on this event?

Amy was the person who recognized the man from the bulletin. Amy has awareness and she can show how this can be a key in security. Being aware of the physical security risks within the company, can allow the company to implement security prevention policies.

2.      Do you think Amy should have done anything differently? What would you have done in this situation?

I would have explained the policies to the man, also I would have had the company remind workers of the policies. Amy was able to stop the man before he left with anything that could have been a risk to the company. Reminding him of the policy would have been beneficial to prevent it again.

    Ethical Decision Making

   Suppose that the blond man in the scenario was someone Amy knew socially. Suppose she also knew he had no relationship to the company and no business being in the building. If Amy chose not to make a report about the event, would she be violating her ethical position?

      If she knew the man was a threat to the company and he was going to do something illegal, then it would be unethical to let him go. This would be unethical even if she has no tie to the company. She noticed something is wrong and should step in and do something.