Blake Janowicz

ITS 335

Shin-Ping Tucker

15 November 2015


Use Bing, Google, or another search tool of your choice to locate relevant Web sites as you work through the following exercises.

Lab 1: Planning for an E-Commerce Site

Problem: You are intrigued by the idea of starting an online business based on your family’s long-established coffee roasting business, but are unsure about all the ways that the site could generate revenues. You would like to explore how similar e-commerce sites are generating their revenues.

Instructions: Search the Web for three e-commerce sites offering small-batch roasted coffee beans. Identify, if possible, the ways in which the real-world sites generate their revenues. Then, using what you have learned about similar real-world sites, identify the ways your site might generate revenues.


1.     Using word processing or presentation software, create a presentation that summarizes your new e-commerce site, including the products and/or services it will sell. Explain all the ways your site will generate revenues. Note the e-commerce business model or combination of models your online business will follow.


Having already created an e-commerce site in another class, I will use that site as an example. Products that my site sells are automobile performance parts, most specific to the f-body style car produced by GM known as the Camaro and Firebird. Revenues will be generated obviously by selling these parts but first I must purchase the parts from a wholesaler so I can make a profit off of the parts. I may even obtain a sponsor or endorsement from a part manufacturer to further generate popularity and profit.


F-Body Performance


2. Save your presentation as Lab SF 2-1 Planning an E-Commerce Site. At the direction of your instructor, print your presentation and give the presentation to your class.