Blake Janowicz

ITS 230

Shin-Ping Tucker

8 September 2015

Introduction: Apply Your Knowledge

What are the purpose and goal of your website? What type of website will you develop?

††††††††††† The purpose and goal of my website is to have an easy but effective user interface while running smooth and fast. I plan to develop a search engine/portal.

Who is your target audience? For what purpose is the audience using your website?

††††††††††† My target audience could be just about everyone since it is a search engine. The purpose the audience will be using my site is to search for just about anything on the World Wide Web.

Will you use responsive design to target various screen sizes?

††††††††††† I will definitely try to incorporate a responsive design as I want as many users as possible to view my site while being able to use it the way it was intended. I would incorporate some adaptive qualities to adhere to many different displays.

What will you use to capture the attention of your target audience?

††††††††††† I plan to use qualities that pop out at the user by following focal point. I will use some sort of message at the center of the site to draw attention to what the site is about.

What color(s) will you use to enhance your site? Refer to Table I-2 on page DW 12.

††††††††††† It is unclear what colors I will exactly use but I will have a theme. A scheme of colors that are tastefully repeated throughout the site.



How will text be arranged on your pages?

††††††††††† Having good typography is a big thing in site design so I will make sure to have easy to read, but aesthetically appealing text that draws the userís attention. Making the text short but informative will be crucial as the user likely will not read larger portions of text.

What types of images will you use within your site?

††††††††††† In a search engine there will likely not be very many images on the site itself but making sure the images flow with the chemistry of the site is a big part of page design.

How will your site accommodate people with disabilities?

††††††††††† In the search engine I will make sure to accommodate cognitive, hearing, motor, and visual disabilities by incorporating the right resources and plugins; making the site convenient and easy to use by everyone. Keeping the text short and concise, enabling audio content, minimal scrolling (keeping pages to just fit on the screen), using large font with descriptions of photos and subtitles.

Will you incorporate social networking within your planning model?

††††††††††† Being a search engine, it is most likely going to be a brand such as Google, so it is likely to have social networking counterparts such as facebook, twitter or Instagram.