Blake Janowicz

ITS 230

Shin-Ping Tucker

8 September 2015

Introduction: Make it Right

            The two sites I decided to visit were Verizon Wireless and Motorola.  The focal point for Verizon’s site currently is “Welcome to a Better Network. Learn why Verizon is better.” With a aerial shot of people on their phones. Verizon definitely follows a theme around their logo, white, red and black. This theme follows through all of their pages, so it is also consistent. A problem I notice while surfing the site was that the background was too white making my eyes strain; a darker, more dynamic background would be more desireable. I tested the site on my laptop, phone and tablet and everything showed up and functioned normally.

On the other hand, however, Motorola’s focal point is their new smartphone, the Moto X Pure Edition which I actually just ordered online. This is also a great focal point because it represents what the company is about, which is handheld technology. Their theme follows page to page and centers on the product you are viewing, which I personally find tasteful because it makes the product stand out more. For some of the smaller text, it would be beneficial to bold it making it easier to read. This site, like Verizon, is easily viewable between platforms.