Blake Janowicz

ITS 360

Shin-Ping Tucker

18 November 2016

Chapter 9

What Would You Do?

1. You are 30 minutes into a job interview for your dream job—one where your college education and experience could really be applied. So far everything is going well. Then, the interviewer asks you to write down your Facebook user name and password so she can do further research after the formal interview is over. What would you do?


Asking for personal credentials, I feel, is a severe invasion of privacy. I would not continue to pursue a job/employer that is okay with actions such this. Whether it is my dream job or not, these terms of employment I would not feel comfortable with.


2. A coworker who is a recruiter told you that she is going to drop a job candidate because she feels that he is totally irresponsible. She found out through research on Facebook that the candidate married and divorced his high school sweetheart before graduating from college and once had his car repossessed. What would you say to your coworker about this?


This scenario is very similar to the one above. The personal information that the recruiter uncovered should not be considered as terms of hiring. I would base hiring qualities off of an in person interview, background check and drug test; the standards of employment.


Discussion Questions

1. Do you agree with Facebook’s philosophy of automatically enrolling users in new features without their knowledge or consent? Why or why not?


Although I find this feature convenient, users should be prompted/notified of these features in advance so they are aware of what is happening when they log in or use their Facebook account.


2. What concerns might a Facebook user have with the Tag Suggestions feature?


One thought that comes to my mind regarding the tag suggestions feature is that anyone can potentially tag someone is another photo making concerns arise greatly. I know that I don’t want my face associated with a photo that I was not even in.


3. Do you use the Facebook Photo Tag Suggestions feature? Why or why not?


I do happen to use the tag feature of Facebook. Though, I only use that feature when tagging a photo I took or I know that person was in.


Discussion Questions

1. Should the success of a social networking marketing campaign be measured simply by an increase in units sold? Why or why not?


No, I do not think the success of a social networking marketing campaign should be measured solely on the units sold. Other factors such as satisfaction and user base should be measured along with high levels of activity. Once these are met, then success can be measured.


2. What key arguments might have been used to convince P&G marketing executives to drop their long-running use of soap operas and replace them with social network advertising?


Using social network advertising would generate much more of a following than soap operas. It all comes down to consumer interest and I bet much more people use a social network medium rather than those who watch soap operas.


3. Develop a list of five key criteria that P&G might use to assess both the appropriateness and effectiveness of its YouTube commercials.


First, a general assessment of what demographic of people use P&G products is recommended. This way you can be sure that the demographics of people using YouTube will match with the products being represented. Another main point is that YouTube commercials are often skipped after 5 seconds of playback, if the option is available. How interesting is your commercial going to be? Is it going to keep the would-be customer watching your ad? Another factor is cost; is going with YouTube advertisement going to be more cost effective than your current route? If not, is it going to draw a larger customer base to make up for lost profits on extra spending? These are all questions that should be considered before thinking of jumping ship to another form of advertisement.