Blake Janowicz

ITS 380

Shin-Ping Tucker

10 April 2015

CH10 Online Content and Media

Go to Amazon and explore the different digital media products that are available. For each kind of digital media product, describe how Amazonís presence has altered the industry that creates, produces, and distributes this content. Prepare a presentation to convey your findings to the class.

If this question pertains to downloadable digital media and streaming such as music and video, Amazon has had a major impact on the industry that creates, produces and distributes such content. One way that Amazon has altered the distribution of digital media, is making the media very accessible. By going on Amazon and having a Prime membership, you are able to endlessly stream music and video; even if you do not, the content is easily downloadable with an online purchase. From my perspective, Amazon has nearly defeated the distributers of digital content by making it so easy and available to access through their e-commerce site.

In August 2014, Amazon announced that it was going to purchase Twitch, which lets users stream their video game sessions, for almost $1 billion. Why would Amazon spend so much money on Twitch? Create a short presentation either defending the purchase or explaining why you think it was a bad idea.

If this purchase is looked at as long-term, I believe it will positively have an impact on Amazon as another source of digital content and entertainment. This purchase will also draw more attention to Amazon. Of course, one billion is a large sum of money if thought about in the short-term, but I believe they did it due to the long-term investment opportunity of Twitch. There is more than meets the eye about Twitch, too. Many see this as a site that is just about video games, which in reality it is, but Twitch, according to Business Insider, accounts for 43.6% of all live video streaming in the United States. Amazonís purchase of Twitch is to stay the giant of e-commerce and further promote their video streaming like Amazon Instant. Amazon has big plans ahead.