Blake Janowicz

ITS 380

Shin-Ping Tucker

16 April 2015

CH12 B2B E-commerce: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce

Examine the Web site of one of the e-distributors listed in Figure 12.9, and compare and contrast it to one of the Web sites listed for e-procurement Net marketplaces. If you were a business manager of a medium-sized firm, how would you decide where to purchase your indirect inputs—from an e-distributor or an e-procurement Net marketplace? Write a short report detailing your analysis.

In Figure 12.9, I chose Amazon Supply and Ariba Supply to compare to each other. From a visual and user interface standpoint, these sites a drastically different. On the obvious side, Amazon has a much more appealing site that is very easy to use. Amazon is spot purchasing whereas Aribas is long-term sourcing, so the question of which to use is entirely up to if you need a constant established supply or you just need supply on the spot at random times. Being a medium-sized firm, though, long-term sourcing probably would not be a bad way to go, given that you receive supply on a regular basis. On a personal basis, I would definitely choose Amazon, due to their reliability and quality items from my experience.

You are involved in logistics management for your company, a national retailer of office furniture. In the last year the company has experienced a number of disruptions in its supply chain as vendors failed to deliver products on time, and the business has lost customers as a result. Your firm only has a limited IT department, and you would like to propose a cloud-based solution. Go to the web site of GT Nexus. Explore the Why GT Nexus tab, and the Solutions By Industry/Retail tab. Read several case studies on the site. Write a report to senior management why you believe that a cloud-based B2B solution is best for your firm.

Cloud based content has many advantages with accessibility being its main strength. GT Nexus has been around since the technology existed and survived the dot com bust, only thriving ever since. GT Nexus is the largest cloud supply chain and global logistics provider network in the world. GT Nexus has over 150 banks to choose from to provide online financing right at your fingertips making life much easier and less financially stressful. One of the most favorable features of GT Nexus is that on-time delivery is never a worry due to an early visibility into delays, and to notify or adjust routes if possible; additionally, it is very easy to track and monitor inbound inventory. Moving our supply chain to the cloud not only streamlines our business but keeps everything in perspective while making transactions simple and satisfactory.