Blake Janowicz

ITS 380

Shin-Ping Tucker

5 March 2015

CH6 E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts

            Surf the Web for at least 15 minutes. Visit at least two different e-commerce sites. Make a list describing in detail all the different marketing communication tools you see being used. Which do you believe is the most effective and why?

            In terms of using search engines to navigate to a certain site, the most prominent marketing communication is definitely advertisement, which are paid to show up as top search results for specific items and goods. When actually visiting e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart, these sites lean heavily towards graphic design, branding and promotion, just on their homepage alone. With regards to promotion, Amazon usually pushes Amazon Prime, while Walmart usually pushes their “Always Low Prices”.

            Do a search for a product of your choice on at least three search engines. Examine the results page carefully. Can you discern which results, if any, are a result of a paid placement? If so, how did you determine this? What other marketing communications related to your search appear on the page?

            My search consisted of using Yahoo!, Bing, and Google as a means to search for a “GoPro Hero3”. Yahoo, for the top 5 results, turned up (Ad), (Ad), (Ad), (Ad), Bing turned up (Ad), (Ad), (Ad), (Ad), Google, on the other hand differed slightly for results from Yahoo and Bing, turned up (Ad), (Ad), (Ad),, From looking at the list Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and GoPro showed up within the top 5 results, meaning there is some prominence towards paid placement regarding the sites above. As you can see in the lists above, the main marketing communication used is advertisement, as more than 3 of all the results through the search engines were marked as “Ad’s”.